Sunday, 10 April 2016


Hello my gorgeous fashion people! Today the theme of my post is the biggest designer of all times, french maestro of fashion, Yves Saint Laurent. I always loved his aesthetic vision of woman which he incorporated so well in the sentence: "The woman is most beautiful in the hands of man she loves. For those who don´t have that luck they have my fashion"! I mean the best description and trademark you can´t discover than this sentence.

So, indeed, if you wanted to look radiant and celebrate your feminity in all it´s glory you can never go wrong with YSL brand. Most influential thing when it comes to YSL label is the fact that Yves made a magnificent revolutionary step in "ready-to-wear" collections; he was known for inventing the tuxedo for women, making that unique masculine piece into the weapon of new generation of business woman who will evidentially rule the world. More feministic in fashion way we can´t go, so monsieur Yves thank you so much for that!

But his fashion was so rich and inspired by woman. So many great woman like actress Catherine Deneuve or famous model like Laetitia Casta were muses for his collections, so he really knew to feel and bring at the runways the real spirit of woman. The house is keeping with trendy inspirations even today, with the most influential and popular model of today, Cara Delevigne, which is chosen to be the new face of their new campaign. Gorgeously chic dresses, with elegance on point wth nothing to much and to many dramatic exaggeration, YSL really has built the iconic fashion and couture trace and trademark that we, fashion lovers will cherish forever!

What do you think about YSL fashion? Do you like it and still find it exciting?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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