What was so specific for this Haute Couture Fashion Week was that the collections were really brave in their diversity and the heterogenic aspects. From the poly-coloristic solutions to the innovations in the silhouette, seems that Haute Couture has become braver and experimental yet very approachable and easy to wear. Seems like that movement of the innovative design has touched the house of Alexandre Vauthier. Because of the collection for Haute Couture Fall 2019 was a totally new and different kind of Couture.

The first of the few looks were telling a totally new fashion story. If you expected the bold shoulders and mini-dresses, this collection was really something different. The huge glamour and seductive note were the imperatives in the previous collections but this time the overall feeling more loosed up and in the androgynous theme direction pointed. The Vauthier´s version of "Le Smoking" was so feminine with the shorts but so casually un-bothered with the oversized blazer on the top.

Even the dresses were brought in the more easy-toned sense and mostly on the pure elegance side. The ball-alike gowns with the voluminous skirt and sleek corset was definitely a new silhouette to reach for. The more classy and low-key glam was there but in the so refined measurements. But still, not to disappoint the Vauthier customers who adore his high-seductive approach there were few of the classic Vauthier dresses with the short mini-skirt and uber-voluminous shoulders, the silhouette of the 80s that has become a trademark for his design.

The collection was really something different if we think out the boxes of that classic Vauthier look. This time he has created more mellow and refined elegant pieces that still struck our attention and we love it!

What do you think about this collection? Which look do you find the more interesting one?

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The highlights from Alexandre Vauthier Fall 2019 Haute Couture collection:

 Photos: Courtesy of Vogue.com


Haute Couture is always about giving that extra feeling of how fashion can be so dreamy and fuelled with the imaginative phantasy that captures out eyes, minds and, hearts. Seems like this kind of Couture signature that inspires without the questioning any aesthetic boundaries is something the world needs in today rigorous world. And this kind of type of "La Belle Couture" has definitely the trademark of Ralph & Russo fashion house.
The Couture concept by Ralph & Russo is definitely a totally gorgeous fashion statement that for the imperative has the upcoming season awards and top list celebrities flaunting in their ensembles. And that is ok. The spirit of dressing simply magnificent and beautiful is definitely something Ralph & Russo duo takes a great focus too. The latest Fall 2019 Couture collection was everything on that side of the couture spectrum with the high glamour that is still so wearable and approachable!

The key is in the texture. The texture in this collection was ethereal than ever. That could be seen at the first look that was sent down the runway. The sheer and with the mini-pearls encrusted blouse was the indication that this collection will be fresh, airy and delicate. The mostly white ensembles have come in the addition to that. Or if there were any colors they were very light, pastel gentle. Of course, there were more bold ones, like the two beauties in red that were gasping the runway and they were no doubt, the highlights from the show.

The form is definitely something that Ralph and Russo take great care and thought too. The silhouette was despite all that glam captured in the textures that were all in the embellishments and pinned one's materials, very wearable and light. And that is the catch or the great aspect of this fashion house. The lightness of the movement is definitely a dictate that in this collection was thought so well through. The gowns were so litmus-paper gentle that the fabrics were almost in the synergy with the models´ skin. And that is what has made this collection one of the most beautiful ones from the Couture Fashion Week in Paris!

What do you think about this collection? Which Couture designer is your favorite and why? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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The highlights from Ralph & Russo collections:

Photos: Courtesy of Vogue.com



It was rather a groundbreaking collection for Chanel at this Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris. Since Karl Lagerfeld´s passing this fashion brand has been going through the change in the sense of the creative director. And although on Mr. Lagerfeld´s place has come his assistant Virginie Viard, seems like the light "Wind Of Change" has come in this great fashion established name and, the proof for that was definitely the latest Fall 2019 Couture collection.

Although this was not the first collection by Viard, the one for Pre-Fall 2019 was her first where the low-key and almost copy-paste approach could be sensed, it was rather more daring and brave. The concept of the grandiose scene that was so dear to Lagerfeld, was here present but on more Viard mannerism kind of way. The runway show was a Bibliothek, big enough to grasp the excitement of the new horizons in the house of Chanel, yet very monumental and simple. That bold step was still in the codes of Chanel but very fresh and authentic for Virginie Viard.

Let us talk about Couture! The ensembles have got that Parisienne spirit, very chic elegance with the romantic tomboy alike spirit. The accents were on that French style with the spectrum of the more generated famous tweed texture that was opened the collection. The accents were on the trousers and uber-voluminous and sculpted jackets that were the step further from the usual Chanel aesthetic. Yet, the glimpse and the spirit was more feminine than ever!

The gorgeous Grace Kelly alike gown, or the blouse with the high collar that allured the neo-romantic spirit. The gorgeous embellishments that still looked and appeared so refine and almost shy but glorious! The heterogeneous factor that was kept even in the monochromatic colors, like the blacks or flush of pinks. Everything was kept in moderation and very sophisticated. Even the details from the bows on the shoes to the appliques on the fabrics have looked so minimalistic but so opulent.

This collection has brought definitely something new to the concept of Chanel. The more assertive femininity and very classy without the trending frenzy pieces is something that requires recipients and consumers that know a good fashion. Will one of these looks be part of the next red carpet season?! Definitely yes and without any doubt, but not in the Camp sense!

What are your thoughts about this collection? Do you like this Chanel in the creative direction by Virginie Viard?

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Highlights from Chanel Fall 2019 Haute Couture collection:

Photos: Courtesy of Vogue.com     


The caption that was written in the headline of this post could really sum up what collection by Valentino looked like. When talking about the beauty in the concept of Haute Couture it must be caught in the diversity and heterogenic nature in every aspect, from the silhouettes, forms, texture, colors and still keeping the spirit of refined and polished. This all was successfully brought by Pierpaolo Piccioli for Valentino Fall 2019 Haute Couture collection.

The diversity has come in all aspects. From the colors that are mostly on the brighter side of the spectrum. The brave approach when it comes to the chromatic solution is definitely worth every admiration because no one does better than Piccioli. The ultra-vibrant colors have become the trademark and signature in his design creativity. The more the better. And yet still in all of that coloristic opulence, he manages to create the most conceptualistic and neat Couture.

In this collection, one thing was presented as a highlight, or it could be considered as the one. And that is the beauty of the cape. The cape has definitely its own drama but in the design interpretation of Valentino, it has become even more pulsing item that any couturier adores. From long to the shorter versions, the dictate of the volume was there as well as the well-incorporated dresses that were part of the ensembles.

The textures are definitely something worth admiration in this collection. From the three-dimensional embellishments to the sheer seductive notes that come with. The floral prints or the flowers made from the silk attached on the gowns have set the totally new clean decadence in the current Haute Couture spectrum. Piccioli knows how to make great Couture and, he is doing it successfully, making us fall in love with it again! And for any fashion fan, there is nothing better than that fact!

Do you like this collection? Do you like the Couture from Valentino lately? Which look do you think is the best?

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The highlights from Valentino Fall 2019 Haute Couture collection:

Photos: Courtesy of Vogue.com