Fresh and witty with the known elements. With these words the latest Spring/Summer 2021 collection by Chanel. Seems like Virginie Viard has found her design signature that corresponds so in-tuned with the classic Chanel aesthetic. The Parisian chic with the note of the famous Gabrielle Chanel tomboy-ish approach was the highlight and the leading line in the creative signature for this collection.

The famous jersey piece was there incorporated on almost every outfit but this time it was more softened and voluminous on the shoulders and light accentuated on the waistline. There were plenty of t-shirts and pullovers with the CHANEL logo all over it. Paired with the Bermudas alike trousers were reminiscing the perfect French-style uniform.

With the plenty of micros and mini accessories from the bags to the bags-alike-phone-chargers, the collection was an homage to the Chanel aesthetic and those topics for which this house has been known for: the subtle feminine side paired with the high elegance but in the very wearable and approachable mannerism. For Chanel, this was the look back but in a good way, or to be more precise, a blast from the past, the secure fit that goes perfectly with the expectations of the old but it is modern and interesting enough for the new customers.

Honestly, Chanel never goes out of style. And with this collection that could be seen as the playful manifesto of it, it has brought us another exciting and beautiful collection full of amazing pieces and style inspirations! 

What do you think about this collection? Do you find it very Chanel and which looks do you like the most?

The highlights from Chanel Spring/Summer 2021 collection:




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Fashion must go on and with that motto, this season's Fashion Weeks have been altered. Mostly in the web versions, editorials, or live stream options, only a few of the fashion houses have organized the shows with the public.

One of them was the one by Valentino. It is amazing to see how many collections, including this one too, have become very low key but with a huge romantic twist. Seems like in this COVID situation, fashion has become very gentle, almost assertive but in a good way.

This collection was all of that and more. The simplicity kept in the usually very show-stopping approach, this time has involved in the level of light and sleek silhouette that was very ethereal and airy, very soft and luminous, like Pierpaolo Piccioli has decided to soften all the glamour giving us an invitation to the reachable and so easy wearable ensembles.

Dresses in mostly long versions, with little details on them, we're in the correlation with the coloristic themes that were very in the aquatic kind of mode. 

The world and life, in general, have stepped into another level of  the COVID era, very uncertain times are here a very long time for now, so the return of the fashion in its own rail tracks has been really something to be happy for and for that Fashion, Thank You!

What do you think about the current fashion scene, do you miss the typical fashion or this one in the "new normal" era that we hope we will not be stuck forever?

Thank you for your attention!

Georgia! xo

The highlights from Valentino Spring/Summer 2021 collection:






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These times have been really strange, odd, scary, and without any perspective. Even the constantly exuberant and vivid world of fashion has silence and stopped. The whole world is affected by the Covid-19 and fashion is not an exception. But fashion wouldn't be fashion if it wasn't going on. When everything is kept on wait or reset button, fashion goes on providing us with the beauty, with the hope that better days are coming. So in the "normal world", the Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris would go on. But the times where a  social distancing is a must, seemed that there would be nothing from either fashion or Couture. But then the Council of Fashion has decided that from 6th-8th July there would be a Couture Fashion Week.

Many designers have decided to provide it in the form of editorial or video, or live stream. One of the most beautiful ones was the one by Giambattista Valli. In this collection which all of the gowns we're worn by Joan Smalls, Giambattista Valli didn't
want to experiment much. But this is meant in a good way. He inhaled in this collection what he is known for, an opulent design with the tons of ruffles, gentle colors with the few vibrant and joyful heterogenic interventions like fire red or simply deep black.

The silhouette was simply Valli with the sugar-cotton alike premise, cascades, and long chiffon tulles and capes. If you could pick only one collection to stimulate your fashion hunger then this is definitely the one. Simply beautiful, in the most real Couture mannerism floating and transcending us to a totally new world or dimension, whatever you want to call it! And in these dark times, we are thankful for any ray of sun and hope and this collection is definitely the one who gives us that gorgeous escapism!

What do you think about this collection? Which dress do you like the most?

Thank you for your attention!


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If you are a regular visitor to this blog you have noticed that there were no posts in almost two months, or to be accurate when all of this COVID-19  madness has started, the fashion as well as the whole world, has stopped.  I, as someone who adores fashion and finds fashion to be inspiring and whom fashion has helped to come through the even darkest times in life, I stopped writing, well not just writing, but also even thinking about fashion. Unfortunately, the much more interesting informations we're all those COVID-19 related, and the fashion was not the slightest example on my radar of interest. But still, I could feel the disbelief, the reluctance of the world of fashion that has stuck in the middle of nowhere just as many of us have been feeling for the couples of months, and in my mind and heart, I often thought about fashion and its future.

In the world of fashion, everything has been canceled, from shows, castings, photo-shootings, etc. Even the online luxury retailers had been canceled the shopping opportunities. And that has made the whole thing even scarier. So I was asking myself, as any fashion fan and lover would do, ’what is next for fashion’?!  And I was in a rather nihilistic and negative point of view to be honest, and in a bitter state of mind without any glimpse of the perspective regarding the fashion industry.

But then it occurred to me: ’Fashion has survived World Wars, it has gone through Deep Depression,  it has risen stronger and vivid than ever before all of this madness!’  And this time the opportunity for better tomorow will not be different, just mark my words. I know and simply believe that fashion will come back bigger and inspiring than ever!🙌

That will happen, no doubt. The bigger question is how it will happen. What fashion right now needs is to re-invent itself, having on its, and our mind as the consumers mind, that a capitalism as we all know has been gone, it is done. The starting buying force will be low, no doubt about that. The creative process will be affected by the non-existing profit from the general lockdown that has happened in the whole world. So how will fashion find its way through?!

The imaginative note and forces are something that the fashion will need endlessly.  To the consumeristic megalomania that has been ruled the fashion industry for the past years including flavishing influencers with expensive gifts and travellings has come to an end. This time the accent will be on the creative process of the designers and not just them but the whole team that stands behind the fashion house name, from the managers, marketing, ideas developers, bringing us to the basics yet even futuristic epitomes when it comes to further solutions.

The accent will definitely be on the quality rather than the quantity. The Haute Couture scene that has been sadly toned down and simplified in the almost casual zone, will bring the new exclusive light into the world of fashion. You see, people whose lives were affected through this pandemic will be on the search for something that will inspire them, which would pull them into the world of fashion utopia. 

Yes, the grande escapism will be searched and fashion will be needed more than ever. Infueled by the artistic expression of fashion design will be what the new expression will be all about in its ethos: beautiful, dreamy, unreal, seductive, bold, revolutionary yet mellow, and soft! And what is a better way to do that than making the fabulous Couture scene?

As a fashion lover, I truly believe that fashion will stand proud again, flying with its Fenix wings towards the new times that will inspire us all to be little braver, happier, serene, a step closer to be free, free from fear, free from illnesses,  free from stress, from everything that these crazy times brought us. 

Maybe fashion will not solve anything in the general sense, but will be here again to promise us a better tomorrow and that is a very small, even the smallest thing that is maybe all we need right now!

Long live fashion!💖

What are your thoughts about this topic?How do you think fashion will come to the ’old-new’ tracks again?

Thank you for your attention!



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From the unpolished and casual looks to the urban strong style. This could be the repercussions on what the latest Louis Vuitton collection for Fall 2020 was all about. The tomboyish accent that was induced by the parkas and nineties inspired jackets wide enough in the shoulders to allure the perfect urban sassiness. In the combination with the sleek yet creased trousers, you have got the look that will definitely be all over the place when you scroll your 'Gram!

And that was the one dimension that was offered and presented. The other we're all about the dresses that are sculpted enough to look like a shield yet refined with the details to talk another level of example how to look elegant yet effortless. Louis Vuitton is definitely all about that kind of unpretentious glam that could be easily channeled!

This collection is definitely an urban story of stylish rebels that are sleek and luxuriously on point. That is something that Louis Vuitton is known for and does the best!

What are your thoughts about this collection? Which look do you like the most?

Thank you for your attention!


The highlights from the Louis Vuitton Fall 2020 collection:

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