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The style brought by Balmain is not for the shy ones. The Balmain aesthetic is on a different note when we talk about the usual French chic. It is fearless, bold and ready to shine at the first notice. Seems like the disco fever which was realized and designed in the modern concept was the main leading idea for the latest Balmain Pre Fall 2018 Collection. Like the usual collections made in the house of Balmain, it has celebrated the youthful and party codes transferred into the next fashion story.

This fashion story was imagined to look like a boosted and hyped Saturday Night Fever kind of style. The cool and urban editorial set was the perfect layout for the dazzling and exciting outfits which were made in the context of the nightwear in the most glamorous way you could imagine. The typical Balmain fashion codes were input in the more textured heavy and heterogenic way with the huge glamorous and luxurious appearances. The embroidery factor was the main point and the focus like in ev…
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It is a festive time and what a better occasion to wear all reds than this time of the year! There is something so strong and purely feminine when the woman is wearing a red. Only one item of feature can have a strong visual effect! Even if you don´t have anything in red or the red is not your color, the power of the red lipstick is really a great choice and way to see how the red highlights the face and aura instantly!

But during the winter the more dazzling and appealing is the deep red. Like the red wine or deep coral. It accentuated in a refined way the whole ensemble making it festive and visually perfect. There are never too much of the reds. So the monochrome outfit in red is a must this season. It is considered to be a similar kind of form like a white in the summer or the earthy colors during the autumn. It is a canvas for the impeccable fashion versions and outfits. You can mix the patterns, the textures, the colors too and everything will still look chic and stunning.

The r…


Winter is a perfect time for the deep and nourishing approach to the everyday skincare routine. The huge differences between the hot air inside and the cold air outside create a big challenge for the skin so the winter is the best time to dedicate a few minutes to take care of it and also to enjoy the whole process. So here are some suggestions how to indulge and pamper yourself, your skin and mind.

Even if you have a damn oily skin don´t skip this step. The oils which are made today have the perfect ingredients so the ladies with the oily skin can use it. Oils replace and nourish the skin giving it the best glow. They also clean out the skin impurities without drying it and making it harsh and irritable. Putting it before your favorite day or night cream make it the perfect skincare upgrade. If you add a little oil to your foundation you will have the most natural finish. You can use almond oil, rose oil, castor if you want to boost the growth of your lashes and eyel…


The winter is just around the corner and the train beast that you have unleashed before the summer is taking a winter break and it is deep in the hibernation state of mind, or body! But you know that old saying that "The Summer Bodies Are Made In Winter"! So why to give up your standard workout routine. You should just keep on moving either you are a fitness fan, aerobic junkie or you simply like to run. Here are some style looks and suggestions that will inspire you and boost up your workout routine!

Routine, that is a tricky word! If you want to see some results you need to be consistent but at the same time the routine gets a little boring so you end up doing your favorite workout but your mind is somewhere else. Fashion fans and fashionistas always find something special and adoration worthy as long as the visual and style accents are on point! Pimp up your workout style and you will find the new inspirations for it!

The fashion scene, in general, is already gone mad for…


We all need a little bit of the glamour! It can be in the clothing item, in the underwear piece or in something much simpler like the red lipstick. Seems that the aesthetic of Roberto Cavalli has been in the continuous seductive strive. But lately, these notes are very much toned down in the house of Roberto Cavalli. The easy chic, the loosed up prints which are so typical design jam of Cavalli, the less revealing cuts as the usual ones.

The same style vibes were on the sight in the latest Autumn/Winter 2018 Pre-Fall Collection. Seems like the chic and seductive notes are low but still remain in the sphere or luxurious textures and fabrics as well as in the playful prints. The sleek silhouettes were more exception than the already considered forms with the accents on the typical autumnal pieces like the coats, raincoats, sweaters, and maxi-dresses.

The prints are always fun part when the word is about Roberto Cavalli style. These ones are playful and colorful with the strong vibrant b…