Fendi is all about the chic and pure femininity seen at the very original and fresh way. Of course, the all-around focus is their bags but in the all fashion compartment there are plenty of exciting things to see and to be inspired. The proof for that was the latest Fall 2018 Haute Couture collection. With the plenty of highlights which could easily be the trending pieces on your Instagram feed, this Couture collection has brought a little of sassiness and style pure attitude which Fendi is all about.

The most amazing was the textures. If you are introduced into the fashion concept of Fendi then you know that they are the masters of the textures and the texturing process. In the case of Fendi, you don´t see just the classic chiffon, silk or by embellishments boosted fabrics. You see the whole new diapason of the surfaces which designed in the more stunning and beautiful concept. Yes, we could easily say that Fendi knows a good concept of the modern textures which look like a step further in the comparison with the other mainstream high fashion houses.

This new texture wave is the most noticeable in the Couture fashion story. Like in this one, where we have the light nylon alike surface boosted with the attachments made of fur, lace or micro chiffon. This "oxymoron" alike connection has looked so interesting and refined. Here the choice of color is not a coincidence, for sure! The light pastel ones have just, even more, accentuated the beauty of this texture rhapsody.

And if you have thought that this is all, well one step further has insured you to the opposite. The stitches alike embroidery which looked like a delicate construction vice-versed from the underneath to the top. The gorgeous dresses looked really ethereal and like from the other fashion galaxy. The pearly iridescence of the materials has only undertoned the pure phantasy of this collection. With the fringes all the way the concept of this texture richness has rounded up amazingly giving us not-so-classy Couture sensation but still equally gorgeous and breathtaking!

What do you think about this collection? Do you like this polyvalent and multiple approaches in the textures? Which ensemble do you like the most?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

Photo: Courtesy of Vogue.com


Yesterday on the 11 of July was the 84th birthday of the famous and ingenious Italian designer Giorgio Armani! Armani has already established his own aesthetic which could be considered us the "Armanism", the clean and refined style, the easy nonchalance boosted with the strictest and sleek cuts and silhouettes. Seems that Armani´s design imagination is still very full of vibrant and vivid solutions and the proof for that is the latest Armani Prive Haute Couture collection for Fall 2018.

You know what the go-to spot or the starting point is when the word is about the Armani design. Armani likes the androgynous approach to the feminine beauty, making the ultimate masculine and menswear items more feminine. The famous Armani business casual could be sensed at the beginning of this collection. The two-piece made from the silky blazer and sleek trousers has given the refined elegance to this whole collection!

With that factor, another one was amazingly done! And the word was about the black dress. We all know the power of the good black dress but in Armani´s case, that item becomes anthological kind of vibe. The perfect silhouette which follows the body, the seamless cuts, the pure glamour and the pure luxury feeling. With these sensations, his black dresses are must have in the closet of every fashion lover and fashion fan. The love for black and it's heterogeneity nature which Mr. Armani sees in this no-color is always so dazzling and simply magical.

Of course, there were plenty of other coloristic solutions in this collection. The stunning were gowns in the vibrant pink. This color looks like the pure opposite and contradiction in the comparison. And seems that this coloristic nature has dictated the character of these dresses. They were on the pure gowns level, with the stunning glamour, with the rich texture and a little drama which is not so usual thing in the minimalistic world of Giorgio Armani! With the fringes and feathers, they could be seen as the possible red carpet ensembles, no doubt to that!

This collection has both of the current Armani worlds! The typical Armani classic with the polished and strong lines and silhouettes featured by the more casual refined essence. And the other world full of breathtaking and extravagant solutions full of colors, full of texture richness all well balanced into the high elegance with the imperative of being impeccable, just what Armani name stands for!

What do you think about this collection? Do you like more black ensembles or do you prefer more coloristically vivid which were shown in this collection?

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Georgia! xo

Photo: Courtesy by Vogue.com


You know what Zuhair Murad aesthetic is all about! He likes to create and accentuate the beauty of a woman. Of course, every designer has that mission. But in the case of Zuhair Murad, his lady is a total star and that doesn´t mean she is a Hollywood actress or celebrity A-list star. His clients are glamorous women who love fashion, who love to stand out, who nourish the simple elegance and class with that mysterious twist, just like a woman beauty whimsical is!

For the latest Fall 2018, Haute Couture collection his inspiration was the land that is in the current focus and there is no any fashion reason for that. But, yet the whole world is facing at Russia the last month and the reason for it is The World Cup. If you thought you would see the soccer references in this collection, you would be wrong. The Russian aesthetic was here alluring the old Russian tradition, the European touch of Sankt-Petersburg mixed with the Moscow opulent beauty.

If you are known about Zuhair Murad work you could recognize that even here his famous aesthetic was featured, which meant that Lebanese and Russian sense for the beauty goes hand in hand.  The center and the focus was on the embroidery richness which was refined and until the tiny details embellished. This luxurious texture was on the silky or chiffon display which has made the outstanding effect of it all even more dazzling and amazing!

The coloristic range was much polyvalent. From imperial red, through the grey-green, ice-white, royal blue. The lack of black has ensured us that Zuhair Murad has seen the Russian spirit in the deep but still colorful spectrum. Even with that move like Murad wanted to show the picturesque nature of Russia. The silhouettes were in the typical Murad range. The sleek and elegant, with the accents on the hourglass silhouette. The little drama was on the short-long features like the mini dress on the front and the big cape falling down on the back. The whole stunning fashion story was rounded with the astonishing wedding dress which would impress even Catherine the Great!

This collection could be seen as the Couture hommage to Russia! With the luxurious decadence brought and seen with the eyes and design by Zuhair Murad, this collection bursts with the high glamour, beautiful decadence and everlasting class. With the refined embroidery, the rich textures, the multiple colorful aspects, this collection really shows the beauty of this amazing country, or shortly said: the Slavic spirit seen in the eyes of one of the most influential Haute Couturiers of the world! The modern fairytale has been written, just like some countries today are writing their new history in the World Cup, but that would be a totally another, off-fashion, theme!

What do you think about this collection? Do you like how Zuhair Murad has incorporated the Russian visual tradition into his Couture signature? Which gown do you find the most beautiful?

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Georgia! xo

Photo: Courtesy of Vogue.com



There is something so story-telling when the case is about Chanel. Karl Lagerfeld could be the perfect writer is he has chosen literature and writing novel to be his occupation. His sense for the world, his capacity of the perspective has been always deep. The same case is with the fashion. Especially in the Haute Couture department when his phantasy is on the total leash. The collection for Fall 2018 was not an exception either!

One thing that is constant beside all that ingenious inspiration is that the Haute Couture in the house of Chanel is never too over dramatic and too over exaggerated. Just like the vision of the style of the Gabrielle Coco Chanel was. The clothes need to be effortless, cool and contemporary without being too controversial. In this collection, the inspiration was Paris, the city of love and light, the city of fashion.

There were the traditional tweed textures which in this collection were much sculpted and bulky. And one innovation, the cuts on the sides, on the sleeves, on the rocks, the dresses. Seems like this detail was not just the highlight and the all-around motive but it was also a huge indicator of the new aesthetic in Chanel. These cuts made out of the zips bring the note of unfinished or if you prefer more, the light deconstruction. You can play with the length, you can zip it totally and have the pure voluminous touch, or go totally unzipped and have the modern and almost rock-chic kind of touch to this whole Couture story.

The spectacular was the chiffon dresses with the embellished two-parts underneath. With the effortless elegance which discovers the other side of the see-through game, these dresses were the spin on the typical Chanel design. Little more edge, little more drama which was rounded with the wedding dress in the pistachio green. The same form and cut with the sharp pointy fascinator and chiffon across the model´s face. This look sums up this whole collection! Reversing the tradition, making it edgy, playful and contemporary perfect! Karl Lagerfeld has succeeded to successfully tell a new fashion story!

What do you think about this collection? What is your thought about the constant inspiration drive by Karl Lagerfeld? Which ensemble do you like the most?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

Photo: Courtesy of Vogue.com