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The pure romanticism was on the high peak at the latest Erdem Fall 2018 Ready To Wear collection which was presented at the current London Fashion Week. After the witty and playful and very original New York Fashion Week seems that London is still number one when it comes to imaginary and vivid design and creativity. The imperative of being original was always been the keynote of  London Fashion Week. The splash of pure femininity and romantic vibes was captured in this collection by Erdem.

The modern Art-Deco vibes translated and transformed into the contemporary sassy drama was the main inspiration design key to this collection. With the classic accents like the fine embroidered coat and textures in general which have become the main and characteristic visual trend and topic when we talk about Erdem design. The long and midi-dresses in the Charleston mannerism were on the perfect edition with the combined hair and makeup. Seems that the pure nostalgia is something that has been the …
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There is something amazing about the fashion and design by Diane Von Furstenberg. Her aesthetics are high feminine with the classic spin but still made for the modern woman. With the vivid colors and still innovative cuts, her style is even today the refined and stunning as it was in the very beginnings. The same words and style directions and characteristics could be seen in her latest Autumn/Winter 2018 Ready-To-Wear Collection.

This collection was presented in the form of the witty and simple editorial with the amazing and gorgeous clothes in the focus. The flowy black dress with the pastel pallets and lace fabrics on the top, the animal leopard printed one in the yellow edition, the adorable prints´ clash of the cocktail skirt, jacket and blouse with the big bow, the kimono alike jumpsuit with the red belt wrapped around the waistline, all of that was on the display.

Seems that the jumpsuit was the inspiring item and form because there were few of them in the row. The shiny yellow…


Seems like 80-is are having a tremendous big moment in the current fashion mainstream scene. This occurrence is the real prove how fashion re-invents itself and how it composts the old visual highlights and revitalizes them into the new and fresh ones. If one collection was bursting with 80-is influences and vibes then that was probably the one by Marc Jacobs for Fall 2018 Ready To Wear season. This collection was the one which has closed the New York Fashion Week, too.

Marc Jacobs never ever gets it wrong. The stunning fact about his design and collections is that he takes one theme, drives it to the extreme and by that he makes the most outrageous and groundbreaking fashion stories. This season he has taken 80-is inspiration to the totally new level creating the totally new aesthetic which has almost its borderline in the Haute Couture niche. This is how exceptional Marc Jacobs design lately is and why the fashion world loves his work so much.

In this collection, everything that has…


After coming into Calvin Klein seems that Raf Simons is still impressed with the American culture and subculture. After his first show was named significantly"Americana" the fascination by the greatness of America continues. Of course, that this love and admiration is more on the ironic perspective alluring the jaded side of the American society which still offers the exciting almost in Warhol kind of way inspirations and final products.

In this case, the great inspiration was the space theme. But not just that. The cartoon characters printed on the tees, the Amish kind of cuts of the dresses and coats. The accents were on the oversize and volume. The big coats were the main trigger an indicator of this collection. Space alike fabrics of the dresses were on the sight too. And here the analysis of the American cult(ure) is deconstructed into the pieces.

The too revealing dresses with the cuts on the breasts seem like a little provocation of the American society knowing how Am…