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The Pre-Fall collections which are usually released and presented just a few weeks before the Haute Couture Fashion Week in Paris (which starts this year on the January, 21). That is why the majority of the fashion houses and labels bring them in the form of the editorials. These editorials are really a curation worthy. Some of them have a deep and relevant story in the background making the harmonic collision with the clothes and ensembles. And some of them have more simple and minimalistic story to tell, focusing on the fashion letting the fashion speaks for itself.

The latest Pre-Fall 2018 Collection by Nina Ricci has been imagined just like the first above mentioned concept. With the story-telling display of the editorial which bares "behind-the-scene or backstage" vibe, this collection has shown the perfect connection between the fashion and the fashion photography or at least the capacity of the fashion to tell a story. With the "Rock Star Roh-bau" concept of…


When the word is about the female designers there is always that on extra approach interluded and included by the high charm and class with the tiny segments of the sassy and bold vibes. This Pre-Fall 2018 Collection by Cynthia Rowley has that vivid and ingenious approach with the lucid and vivid accents. The artistic almost in Dadaism kind of playful and witty way presented collection hides the wide spectrum from the high elegance pieces with the feminine and romantic items featured with the modern romantic twists.

The one item that is so specific and almost trademark kind of type of the Cynthia Rowley design is the dress. Her dresses are the epitome of the modern woman offering the playful and experimental worthy style that still remains in the classic and the mainstream fashion horizons. The second thing that Cynthia Rowley adores are the colors. The colors in her design are vivid but not too bright, gentle but still in recognizable as the Cynthia Rowley pure design.

These above-me…


With the designer, Maria Grazia Chiuri as the leading creative mind of the Christian Dior house of fashion, seems like Dior has crossed the line of the simply fashionable and couture rich fashion towards the fashion name that stands for the woman that is strong and confident almost in the suffragette kind of way. The consciousness of the being a woman has something that Chiuri finds much inspiring and that new side of Dior we honestly love.

The t-shirts display with the printed mojo "We All Should Be Feminists" has been the brave pretentious uvertire into this Pre-Fall 2018 collection for which one word or term could be used when we see the ensembles, and that is androgynous. The Dior which we know like the ultra-feminine and chic fashion name has got the modern and sleek upgrade by this collection which has served us some serious but so refined masculine tones brought and developed in the feminine attire.

The perfectly cut suits, the sleek and polished silhouette, the tweed…