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The fashion industry always challenges the upcoming designers to be innovative, to offer something new to the scene, to give that spark for which the fashion is all about. That mission is even harder if the fashion designer needs to fulfill the steps of the already established fashion brand. To be innovative but to respect the style and aesthetic ideology of the famous fashion brand is a really tough job.

With that challenge seems to cope really well Anthony Vaccarello. To be the fashion designer of the  Saint Laurent fashion house which style point of view has been so anthological and it has gone to the fashion stardom is really the job you need to keep up with. Well, this challenge was something Vaccarello has accepted gladly and jumped into it with the full fashion joy and excitement.

This style boldness was on the sight at the latest Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2018 Ready-To-Wear Collection. With modern and chic visual vision which asks for maintained silhouette and …
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At the first glimpse, the style by Olivier Theyskens could look a little more on the experimental side. With the Belgian sense of fashion which is much on the avant-garde side of the design, the Olivier Theyskens approach has that neo approach but with huge French chic attitude. With the career in the well popular and known fashion houses like Nina Ricci or Rochas, Olivier Theyskens has built the specific and refined elegance with strong cuts and design with fresh and modern feminine vibes.

This contemporary and modern art of fashion was the main thing that was all about in his latest Spring/Summer 2018 Ready-To-Wear Collection. With consciously seductive notes brought in the form of sheer textures on the tops or dresses, the original fluent silhouette which was revealing enough but nothing too much. The simplicity of design was undertoned with the coloristic range too. The white, black and red as the main focus of the chromatic side of the collection.

But that seductive note was tone…


Isabel Marant is the name known in the fashion industry for the luxurious accessories and more leisure type of design. With the mainly athleisure point of view as the main inspirational strive, this fashion label located in Paris has developed the high fashion sky with plenty of elegant alterations like the lace, romantic cuts or more seductive ones.

The same style was on the scene in the latest Isabel Marant Spring/Summer 2018 Ready-To-Wear Collection. With high glamorous factor toned down with the athleisure mixture, it has had for the result the easy wear and chic at the highest point factor. But even when we consider the glamorous factor when we talk about Isabel Marant that glam factor is light and refined with huge easy to wear boost.

This lightness was on the sight in the form of mini dresses. The fact that the maxi dresses were not in the spotlight undertones the leisure factor of this collection. The mini dresses in the laced textures, in all white editions, embodied the perf…


When Virgil Abloh, the ex-fashion consultant from Kanye West creates a new label then it must be exclusive, fresh, innovative and with multi-facets features. Off-White is the name and it offers the cool and urban style with huge chic and elegant elements. The urban conglomeration of the cuts and forms which are on the more leisure and sports side with the combination of the high fashion highlights beautifully combined into this whole fashion concept brings the strong and vivid concept of the fashion.

The same creative strives were on the sight at the latest Spring/Summer 2018 Ready-To-Wear Collection. With all the chic and elegant features brought in the light of the modern and urban sassiness we can honestly say that Off-White knows the exact way of its fashion adventures bravely and successfully flirting with the best from the two worlds; the street and urban versus high fashionable and classy.

The elegant touches in the form of the pencil cuts or the more loosed up and voluminous o…


There is sometimes hard to be original and constant in the fashion design with the visual and style innovations. But if you are a fashion insider and even someone who is in the fashion you know that the name of Dublin designer stands for the original style with the huge wearable factor. She is the designer that makes clothes extravagant enough to be noticeable at the first glimpse but easy to wear in the final realization. So when you see that some current influencer is rocking the unusual piece on the street it is probably the item by Simone Rocha.

 The same vibes with light experimental antipodes were on the sight of the latest Spring/Summer 2018 Ready-To-Wear Collection. The texture and fabrics were in the first focus with the heterogenic realizations of the same ones. The fluffy and over voluminous silhouette which was standing out like the sugar candy cotton was the main leading point of the creative strive in this collection. But don´t let that the deep romanticism seduce you or…