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If you have been following the work by Vera Wang you could see that her design and fashion philosophy has changed. Primarily known for her wedding dresses which were most worn and asked in the celebrities circles, her design has evaluated even in the other fashion spheres like Ready To Wear collections. Lately, her design has gone a little edgy and dramatic with the hints of pure avant-garde aesthetics.

Seems like that edgy and experimental spirit has emerged in her bridal collections because if we take a look at the latest Spring/Summer 2019 wedding collection we can see how her vision of the perfect bride has changed. If you are expecting all white dresses you are wrong. The pure drama was kept with the multi-colored choices which go from red, violet, grey or deep beige.

The concept of a modern bride which is classy but with the strong attitude is something the fashion (bridal) mainstream will not easily be connected with, but this collection just because of that is simply stunning …
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Creating and designing in one color is really a brave thing. The creator needs to know the concept where his design and the style essence need to go so that way can work and give us the ultimate fashion aesthetic that we, the fashion fans want. If you are familiar with the work by Yohji Yamamoto you know that his main color is black. That monochrome attitude is something that even these days is still exciting and artistically pure and rich.

In Fall 2018 Ready To Wear collection the color black was the main guideline. With the famous Yamamoto volume and sculpted kind of approach in the form, this collection has offered us the new and original edition of style which is almost sited between the thin lines of art and fashion. Seems that this deep but controlled drama and the deep melancholy vibe is something that is so convenient when the word is about Yamamoto design.

This time the famous dramatic volume was on the sleek side, the silhouette was much more loosed and easy to wear but stil…


A smile is the best accessory and the best fashion detail! In this with worries occupied world, when we look at the news thinking where this world is going?!, the smile and just the concept of it in the fashion sense is something so refreshing and really nice to see. This kind of philosophy and approach was the leading inspiration for the Sonia Rykiel Fall 2018 Ready To Wear collection. The vivid and youthful energy for which the Sonia Rykiel was so known about was transferred into the fashion inspiration.

Julie de Libran who has taken the place of the designer after Sonia Rykiel passing has decided to keep the main and evocative aesthetic which is so in the original Rykiel domain. The perky and celebrating access to the life as well to design is something that in this collection was the main motto. Models were wearing "frizzy-frisbee" hair a la Sonia Rykiel, with the smiles on their faces, it has seemed that Sonia´s spirit was there and that this collection was a celebratio…


When we talk today about the perfect style we stump on this reference easily. You can ask yourself what is the perfect style, how it is built and what is the main leading point when planning the perfect style. In today´s social media all over frenzy, when it is unimaginable to exist without them if we talk about fashion houses, the perfect style has so many diversities and versions so when you see a collection that has simply that, you need to be inspired by it.

In this case, the word is about the Loewe Fall 2018 Ready To Wear collection. Even if you are not the fashion connoisseur, the impact of this collection is so catchy and glides at the first glimpse of it, offering us the concept of style perfection. The main and the start-up line is the classic cuts which are reconstructed into the new theme. This concept gives this classic theme more avantgarde touch and the experimental vibe, so the easy to wear factor does not seem dull. Contrary it looks amazing, exciting and vibrant.

In t…