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If you thought that Haute Couture has lost the sparkle then you probably didn´t hear about Chines designer Guo Pei. With a bold and opulent approach to the fashion and Haute Couture, Guo Pei makes the most glamorous and adoration worthy collections. Nothing less was with her latest Autumn/Winter 2017 Couture Collection impeccable tailoring skills and a sense for extra outstanding high fashion solutions, this collection was the pure festivity of Couture and on the traces of good old times of Haute Couture when collections were bursting with luxurious and pompous (in a good way) ensembles.

The glam effects were on the scene hidden in the exclusive textures crossed with luxurious and refined embroideries or with high shiny fabrics. The volume is something Guo Pei adores and loves. With opulent features in the gowns which were formed in two versions; the more stiff one and airy but heavy layers of chiffon. in the voluminous side of the design is where Guo Pei fuels her inspiration.

The sn…


Versace has been serving lately the refined style in its best forms. Tha latest Haute Couture collection for Autumn/Winter 2017 was very elegant nourishing the bold and brave woman that Versace likes to embody. The feminine boost was there but in the modern and urban woman warior kind of way. With changing the design game the silhouette of Versace has changed too. Embracing the more stiff and sleek lines with more of mini dresses on the display, Versace has kept the new and fresh fashion face.

This collection, as the latest few, was shown in the form of simple editorial. The embroidery textures in white have taken the form of glamorous jumpsuit or gown with lots of fringes falling around. These items were on the more romantic side and in the trace of the famous Versace flowy deep-leg cut gowns. The total design turn was spotted on the jumpsuit, again, embellished with golden fish shells alike features. The more stylistically mature move was on the dress in the deep and rusty brown wit…


Picturesque and purely vivid! With these words, we can describe the latest Dolce & Gabbana - Alta Moda Autumn/Winter 2017 Couture Collection. When we mention Dolce & Gabbana we talk about style opulence, ironic and playful approach to the design, but more importantly the unconventional approach to traditional focuses of their style inspirations.

The same style characteristics were presented at the latest Haute Couture show. With not so many displayed ensembles, but adoration-worthy, Dolce & Gabbana went for nothing or all when they were creating this collection. With the vibrant mix of pop-culture, the tradition of their famous trademark the Sicilian heritage and the stunning design conglomerates of vintage and new. The gowns were bigger than ever, with down part boosted with enormous crinolines. The "wow" effects were on the peak with luxurious headpieces made of flowers or the totally big ones from feather alike textures.

Nothing in this collection was boring! …


There is always something extraordinary and exquisite about  Zuhair Murad design. Especially in his Haute Couture collections where the tailoring skills brought to the perfections dazzling the most gorgeous embroideries. Embroidered chiffon and laces are the trademarks for Zuhair Murad work. The same vibes could be seen in his latest Autumn/Winter 2017 Couture Collection.

The refined and delicate textures brought in the form of stunning gowns were presented in mostly gentle and powdery colors. This fact has undertoned the delicacy of the Zuhair Murad Couture. With light colors as the main imperative, the main focus and domain was the sheerness of the lace with the see-through game. Plenty of chiffons with this combination has created the most airy and whispery collection.

The silhouette was mainly feminine with the accentuated waists with tiny belts. The light seductive note was not just on the sheer moments but with the amazing embroidered features around decollete. The highlight was…