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Although with huge history in making the luxury fashion and perfumes, the  house of Nina Ricci has always been on trend points and at the very modern side of fashion strives. The very same was the Autumn/Winter 2017 Ready to Wear Collection. It was versatile and heterogenic with huge chic potential and trendsetting vibes. Lots of witty cuts resolutions, more and more shiny embellished textures and all of this combined with light and vibrant colors.

Talking about unordinary cuts, they were the stars of this collection on the long coats and blouses as well as on the long dresses. Their original placement on the sides showing the naked waists parts or very seductive bare decolettes area of the dresses, have made these usually common items of ready to wear collection in very modern and newly re-structured items.

The playful side was kept in the form of more bundles pieces like fully fringed coats or shiny embellished dresses in soft rose colors. The shiny factor brought in the concept of …


For any haute couture designer a challenge is not just to deliver the perfect high fashion, haute couture collection but this can be a challenge for ready to wear collections too. This doesn´t have to be a struggle but more darefully colored work. It is interesting to see how ready to wear collections are seen by couturiers and designers that are more on the pret-a-porter side of fashion Olimp. The Reem Acra´s Autumn/Winter 2017 Ready to Wear Collection was the amazing mixture of these both sides of fashion; stunning ensembles very wearable but with huge couture mode.

If you are not familiar by this designer name and her work, Reem Acra is Lebanese designer known for her couture and bridal fashion. The fact that Reem Acra is from the Lebanon puts her immediatelly side to side by more known (well at least to wide fashion fans) Elie Saab or Zuhair Murad. I have to say that they have one thing in common; a very ornamented and delicate aesthetic with huge influence of "la belle coutu…


For ready to wear collections the main thing is that they tend to be on the more known expectations of fashion recipients. But the house of Maison Margiela with John Galliano as the leading creative director nothing can be usual and in the already known design codes. The Autumn/Winter 2017 Ready to Wear Collection was not exception either. If you are familiar with fashion names and designers you will know that John Galliano nourishes very extraordinary approach to design. The fierless style aesthetich is what made this designer famous for. And his inner "lucid" designer MOJO was on the fleek in this show, for sure.

The leading "parole" and design motto was defenitely "destroy to create" or rebuild something totally new in mostly avant-garde kind of way but still pleasantly wearable. This style code could be seen on the first displayed item on the runway; a known and usual clothing piece like a trench coat became a totally new decadently highlighted ensemb…


Usually the american fashion labels are more accentuated with casual and loosed up approach to design. But Rodarte is very close to the more french "je ne se qua" feeling with very extraordinary style mixtures and solutions and with huge haute couture vibes. The Autumn/Winter 2017 Ready to Wear Collection was very the same with very original and playful design accent. And although it was presented in the form of editorial (but very artisticly clean and gorgoeus) this collection was worth an admiration of any fashion fan.

Just the combination of very floraly delicate mode dresses in more summerish kind of mood pairied with very robust and masculine but very chic rock studded jackets was so on point and breathtaking. The dresses were main and leading item in this collection; the very nocturnal stars prints boosted dress with romantic bow on the neck and big ruffles on the skirt with furry sweater. The rock chic(k) vibe was continued by the chiffon dresses accessorised withMart…