For my last post in this year I have decided to bring you New Year´s Eve celebration up front and to inspire you to look and feel good not just tomorow but the whole year! I hope your 2016 was great and that 2017 will be the even better! Style wise I wish you all the fun in the world, because at the end fashion is just that, a big fun!

I know that the world was better place in the past, it is really difficult to stay on the positive side when everything is collapsing but sometimes all you are left with is faith! So in the next year, in fashion sense I am excited for new haute couture shows! I can not wait to see the new inspirational ensembles of high fashion! Oh, the new red carpet season is on the door, too! Can´t wait to see what stars will be wearing and will maybe some new designer appear on the fashion hype spotlight! These are just few of the things that I am looking for in the New Year!

So, my dear friends, I hope you will enter in New Year full of happiness and joy, surrounded with your dearest people! Don´t forget to put on your favorite dress and just be happy! Oh, and don´t forget to sparkle like a most dazzling firework out there! Happy NewYear, dolls!

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo


We are only two days in 2016!! Maybe you are in party outfits´ dilemma asking yourself what to wear! If you are staying at home you can look glamorous too! So what ever your year was, good or bad, I think fashion and style can always help you to celebrate the new possibilities that new 2017 is bringing. Put on your dancing shoes, favorite lipstick and glittery dress to shine away all the bad things in 2016 and to embrace to good things the New Year is bringing!

The common outfit idea for New Year´s are defenitely full glittery ensembles. Most of them are in form of mini dresses because you don´t need anything to hold you down while dancing the night away! This choice is perfect and the best in my opinion! If it is in black the better! Don´t forget to loose your hair, bringing the volume up! This will be amazing contrast to sleek silhouette of the dress.

If you are on the more elegant side and you want to be fashionista to the fullest even on the New Year´s Eve you can go with sparkly long gown. The form is penciled accentuating the feminine features. You can combine it with low bun and dark lip. Oh, don´t forget to put on faux fur jacket to be bundled and warm and to have that ultra glamorous effect too!

These are only few of my suggestions! Of course, you can wear plain t-shirt and jeans, or maybe your favorite tracksuit! Just don´t forget to feel amazing! That is the only important thing, right!

What are your New Year´s Eve outfit plans?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo


As the New Year is just around the corner many of us think about the outfit and the makeup. There is an old saying "How you celebrate New Year that is how your whole next year will be!" So better make it the best of the best, right! Here are some of makeup inspirations for the craziest night of the year.

Of course smokey eyes are must in any occasion, but in New Year´s concept it is more edgy, brave and withthe strong eyeliner game. It is accentuated with glitter sparkling appliques for the ultimate celebrating touch. If you are not so brave, a more structured and graphic smokey aeye with strong defined edges will be simply enough.

If you are not so much of a makeup fan, natural look is defenitely in. Make sure to have the most perfect skin with light foundation on, a touch of finest highlighter on the cheeks and you are set to go! If you are on the "nude" side of makeup game let yout contour game be more accentuated and the perfect outfit idea for that occasion would be the most sparkling dress you have.

The red lips are inevitable even in New Year´s Eve night! Not just because wearing red brings you luck but it is the most easiest, quicker and productive way to get into the holiday glam. If you are more matte fan you can defenitely put some vinyl transparent eyeshadow on the lids for ultra festive effect. If you like shiny and juicy red pout you can combine your favorite red lipstick with that luxurious red gloss you have been saving for special occasions. The winninig combination for looking good is instantly there!

What makeup look are you planning for New Year´s Eve?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo


People often wonder what is the purpose of high end fashion? Because of the lack of big utility in wearing sense, haute couture is often thought to be irrelevant for fashion  industry in general. And observing from ready to wear point of view maybe there are not so many great reasons why haute couture should be produced. But if we look more deeper into the haute couture specifics we will see that high end fashion is more than important for fashion industry.

The accent is on the fashion industry and fashion houses renomes. Any house of fashion design that is consider to be on the Olimp of fashion industry need to have haute couture collections. And if you think that this couture gowns don´t have buyers, you are wrong. The houses of fashion make money mostly from cosmetic and perfumes´ or accesssories´ range. Really small amount of money comes from buying clothes which you see on the pret-a-porter shows. And this is where haute couture steps in. The high rich buyers are introduced in haute couture pieces and selling them fashion houses can insure their incommings for producing more ready-to-wear collections.

I know this buying-selling thing is maybe not so "fashionable" to talk about. I admit, I am no insider of fashion business but I adore fashion so much and haute couture too, so I know how hard fashion business is. Especially haute couture. That is why I appreciate and take a bow to every couturier (known or unknown) who makes high fashion. It is struggle with most amazing final product, a haute couture ensemble.

What do you think about haute couture, do you think it is important for fashion in general?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo


Because we are in that time of the year, pre-Christmas time so it is normal of course to dedicate this post to Christmas inspired haute couture. Lets spice up this wonderful time of the year with beautiful high fashion ensembles, that warm our fashionistas´ hearts! Just to say few words about what kind of couture could be considered Christmas approved!

It is festive, it is bold, it is like the icing on the cake. Colors are red because it is perfect glam color, white with reminiscence on snowflakes, gold because it is inevitable when talking about festive ensembles. Or with more visual gentle side like blue, aubergine, violet or purple. As you see the color range is wide as well as the silhouettes and forms.

Ruffles all the way or just on the different parts like waist or on the back are  perfect ornaments which remind of wrapped present. Or clean and sleek silhouettes with hint of syrene form. This is most common form of festive couture. Or voluminous gowns with princess alike down part, with lots of silky or chiffon layers. Not to mention glitterish appliques because on Christmas you can never have enough of illuminosity.

There are no rules when talking about Christmas themed couture. Just to be outstanding, brilliant and adorable! Just like this time of the year is! So my dear friends, enjoy in it! Be happy! Oh, and a very merry Christmas! Ho, ho, ho!

What is you perfect celebration ensemble?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo