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Another fashion brand with the headquaters in Milan, Italy which famous for the classic style with the modern and contemporary style spins. Seem like the Italian fashion has so many interesting names to offer revealing the most beautiful design with the huge wearable factor in the play. Etro is fashion house which is almost fifty years old and it has developed and stayed in the family with the sibilings Veronica and Kean as the leading design duo.

The philosophy of Etro is based on the richness of the fabrics. The textures are have the main role when the word is about the forms and cuts. the choice of the textures for the latest Spring/Summer 2018 Ready-To-Wear Collection were the silk and mostly cashmere. Having that on the mind the leading design point was the sarong, the perfect beach wear piece and the variations on it.

The inspiration in the more Oriental piece was on the sight and noticeable not just in the forms and the fluent silhouettes. The prints and colors were on the same…


The fashion scene is full of the exciting names and fashion brands that not necessarily share the mainstream fashion spotlight but still have the great aesthetics and the stunning style sense. One of them is definitely Sacai. Sacai is a Japanese luxury fashion brand founded by Chitose Abe. Having that in our mind we have to say that the fashion sense and the vision of style have that Japanese exotic art so the expectations in the style perception are very different than in the usual common fashion brands that we are aware of.

So here we have the double possibility for the new, original and fresh approach to the design. That original vibe was on the sight in the latest Sacai Spring/Summer 2018 Ready-To-Wear Collection. The constructive deconstruction of already known fashion standards was there not just featured in the whole holistic fashion philosophy but in the items and the ensembles themselves. The concept imagined and reserved for the deconstructed approach was on the scene in the…


There is something so appealing and dazzling when we talk about the Italian style. It bursts with the femininity consciously celebrating the beauty of the woman with the classic approach with the hints of refined seductive notes. The Italian chic is never experimental or avant-garde. It is secure, sleek and unpretentiously beautiful, just like the beauty of a woman is. Seems that Ermanno Scervino, the fashion designer based in Florence, Italy has the perfect mode to resonate his vision of a woman. Because all of the written above can be related and connected to his vision of the modern woman.

The latest Spring/Summer 2018 Ready-To-Wear Collection by Ermanno Scervino has offered everything a collection imagined for the next season must have. The micro-fine floral prints, the airy but sleek lines, and silhouette. Oh, talking about the airy and fluent. The texture of the fabrics was so light and ethereal. Seems like Ermanno Scervino wanted to give us the fashion version of the petals and…


The fashion name Moncler is known for the high fashion and luxurious winter jackets. But the brand has expended a long ago their aesthetic into the heterogenic and polyvalent style path which has lots of Couture drama but with strong casual and easy wearable factors. The Moncler Gamme Rouge sets the collections usually like the style story plot with interesting visual highlights and themes which are usually perfectly upgraded and incorporated into the Moncler fashion story.

The same approach could be seen in the latest in the Spring/Summer 2018 Ready-To-Wear Collection. The theme of ballerinas with the urban and sporty accents has corresponded amazingly with the refined fashion vision. The fact that the main and the leading point of style was the ballerina but presented in the total new area, like she was suddenly interrupted in her class and she needed to run some errands in the busy city. With this style mission, Moncler has hit the style theme adding the refined and classy details …


The fashion horizon is full of designers that search their own particular style and design. With that on the mind seems like being a fashion designer is really hard and expensive work. So when the aesthetic or the key look is found you stick to it with less or more changes. Seems like Emilia Wickstead is heading towards the star-dusted fashion way. With the crystal clear approach to her style, she is one of the young designers that will definitely be at the peak of the fashion top sooner or later.

The perfect example of that was on the sight in her latest Spring/Summer 2018 Ready-To-Wear Collection. With plenty of dresses as the main focus revealing the ultimate feminine orientation of the whole collection, she has played with the neo-romantic forms giving them more robust and heavy accents but with the logic purpose. And that purpose was to create the archaic looks with the modern volume and silhouette.

The sheer moments were there too, just as the hints of modern and contemporary se…