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Hello my dear fashionistas! Hope you are doing well and that you are enjoying Easter Monday! To light up the food coma I decided to bring some couture vibe again to my blog posts. Today i will write my impressions about couture of Badgley Mischka. He is well known designer who always brings the glamour at New York Fashion Weeks shows.

His work is made by very airy and silky textures. with flowy gowns and elegant dresses which are always gently falling down. His vision of lady glamour is very sophisticated with many floral prints or chiffon happy featured stories giving that "bride" effect to every look in non pretentious way.

Of course he is the master of wedding dresses so if you want to shine and be light like a feather in your bride gown you would defenitely wear Badgley Mischka. He is creator of very subtle couture vibes, with that perfect sense for gorgoeus flow of fabriques so you can wear his couture and still look glorious.

What do you think about Bad…

Hello my fashion friends! I decided to go on with my high fashion impressions. So today the word is about Prada. This is well known italian luxury brand which is never affraid to experiment with new looks and design combinations. To me the most innovative brand on the italian fashion scene is defenitely Prada.

Prada loves unconventional beauty of the woman. Loves to show other options to get that perfect visual stand out in the style sense. If you want to wear polychronic design looks, with original cuts and amazingly strange accessories than this is the brand for you.

Even when it comes to make up looks Prada always gives that "pushing the boundaries" effect giving matte skin with yellow tinted lips, or very dramatic looks with eyeliner playful game all the way.

If you want to be part of fashion avantgarde then you should defenitely get inspired by Prada runways´ looks. Always giving us something new, which is to be honest in fashion industry very hard these days, Pra…

Hello my fashion people! Yaaay, the Spring is finally here! No one is more happier than me! Hoping you are doing well and that you enjoy warmer weather.
In today´s post I will continue my high fashion stories and impressions. Today the word is about Gucci. Like all italian fashion brands this the epiphany for luxurious pieces, sexy but elegantand very glamorous. The best era of this house was defenitely when Tom Ford was a head and art director of it. His notoriously glammy sexappeal boosted the house on A fashion lists just in right time, when it was one step from the big fashion runways and spotlights.
Corsets and sleek sillhouettes incorporated by very dramatic smokey eyes gave the new symbol of modern femininity, celebrating the fierceful woman with lots of style and visual strong concept.
The utimate glam effect givesthe combination of black colours, lots of glittery components and very sexy accentuated woman´s features. If you want to be recognized as a style godess wit…