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If you are familiar with Dolce & Gabanna work you know that this fashion duo loves style conglomerate with mish-mash of everything but still appealing and looking perfectly and dazlling. The same design motto was used at the last Dolce & Gabanna show celebrating not just the heterogenic vibes of fashion and their style, but the multiple beauty of women too. On the runway, at which hundred and thirty ensembles were displayed, were sent not just professional models, but famous faces from fashion & IT society scene.

With every show Dolce & Gabanna celebrates the beauty of woman and fashion combined. With this show was the same case; lots of imaginative textures (from typically D&G leopard prints), luxurious pj´s transformed into luxurious street wear, gorgeously fitted coats with furry collars, sleek pencil cocktail dresses in interaction with seductive corsets. I you add to all of that printed jeans and t-shirts with uber-famous face of Justin Bieber, you get the mod…


If you ever wanted to look amazing and elegant even during ultra cold season, than this collection could be by your taste. Coziness has always been a must in design house of Max Mara and so was this collection for Autumn/Winter Ready to Wear 2017. Max Mara is italian luxury house which is famous for perfect tayloring in coats so they know how to make daily wear chic and transcendent it on the higher aesthetic level.

Nothing in this collection wasn´t over exaggerated. Everything was so on point! The elegant silhouettes, the cashmere knitts, the two pieces suits. If you add to it gentle and soft colors, you get the ultimate elegant style. The texture of the coats was very warm appealling; in luxury version of teddy bear materials, with more robust surface and detailings. The highlight of the show were big, oversized turtle necks as well as the opulent bags as the accessory story.

The range of colors was on the more warm side; from firery red, soft camel brown, to gentle greys, a casual …


The fashion week caravan continues its journey to Milan. Milan fashion week is known for its ultra glam, luxurious style and materials as well as strong femininity. Italian brands nourish the ultra seduction with high chic aesthetics. In this same range was show held by Fendi, for Autumn/Winter 2017 Ready To Wear. Fendi is famous for amazing coats, well taylored in which you look stylisticly so appealing that you could rock it as an evening dress too. The same type of coats were displayed in this show, as well as amazing two pieces ensmbles and dresses in the range of evening wear.

High waisted silhouette was the main focus in the forms. Even in more voluminous ensembles including cozy coats the waist line could be seen underneath. The "must" highlight were red overkness boots. This item gave the whole collection very seductive note, even on the very classicly based wear, not to mention the visual boost in the monochrome all black ensembles.

The design festivity of sedutivit…


London Fashion Week is known for its experimental kind of vibe. It embraces fierlessly the designers that love to make very innovative and outstanding visual design´s statements pushing the boundries of already known. London Fashion Week is the fertile ground for new trends in ready to wear niche. its unusual and pointy nature is transfered into the fashion mainstream, which is great thing because then you are witnessing new trendy era in the making. And trends are very important and focus domain of pret a portrer shows. Someone who perfectly fits into this concept is defenitely Christopher Kane. His design is known for being brave and freshly new. Maybe Kane´s aesthetic is not at innovative point of view, but it is defenitely on the side of impecable re-design of already known pieces into the new design story.

In this collection for Autumn/Winter 2017 Christopher Kane´s main domain of design was defenitely in playful and heterogenic use of textures and materials. This perfect mish-ma…