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First time is the hardest! Well not if you ask Maria Grazia Chiuri, a new fashion director at Dior. This was her first haute coture collection and it was boldly innovative, gorgeously story telling and with all couture elemements so on point. But lets start from the beginning! The show was placed at the magic wood alike inscenation. First models at the runway wore black voluminous chic capes boosted with inspiring head pieces. And then as the show went on the whole pack of fauna fairies "occupied" the runway.

The ensembles roll on in the form of romantic easy to wear dresses made of light materials. See through chiffon, embelished textures with hint of fairy alike dusty glitter all over, soft floral motives hidden within, all of that could be seen at the runway! As if this show was the couture inscenation of Shakespeare´s "Midnight Summer Dream", very etherical and magic touch was so strong and got even more accentuated by very theatrical and stunning head ornament…


If you had visited my blog couple of times you could altready know that Elie Saab is one of my favorite couturiers! I really like the high fashion aesthetic that Saab sees and nourishes. His desigh is all about pure femininity, with very gentle approach to it with high elegance factor. This latest collection was all of that and even more.

The main leading visual point was etheric and whimsical beauty of couture. That idea was perfectly realized in see through chiffons and light textures enriched by trademark of Elie Saab´s work, stunning and delicate embroidery. Because the embroidery was the main highlight of the ensembles, the choice of materials was very light with hints of models´ body as they were walking down the runway.

The choice of colors was in the same Elie Saab range; very dusty and sandy beige, gentle and deep royal blue. With more deep colors the fabrique were more heavy, so the mentioned dark blue was in the form of satin gowns. This collection was more at the etherical…


This year´s haute couture fashion week spring/summer was defenitely at the more traditional side of high fashion. That doesn´t mean that there weren´t amazing ensembles. But what Chinese designer Guo Pei offered us was defenitely pure couture extravaganza. This designer which was the first Asian designer ever featured at the haute couture scene in Paris hase had defenitely remarkable original and strong decadent sense for aesthetic. The collection presented at this fashin week was in the same couture range.

The collection had two inspirational points; first the wildly beautiful fauna creatures in shape of stunning rich chiffon ensembles in natural and earthy colors. This point of the show had the mentioned wild nature touch with strong gothic aspirations. This gothic decadence and dramatic design approach got even more stronger at the second part of the show where models wore big crucifix tiaras avocating at the very end a strong christian theme.

These two design themes and visions we…


If there could be a positive megalomanical attitude torwards haute couture than this collection would probably be the trademark for it! The word is about Zuhair Murad haute couture collection for spring/summer 2017. Everything connected with Zuhaiud Murad name is so aestheticly perfect, no doubt he is one of the favorite designers of Hollywood A-list stars. In this collection he offered his typical luxurious design with huge heterogenic approach in forms, silhouettes and materials. Oh, and colors of course!

Speaking of colors; the whole show was imagined to be full spectrum of most vibrant colors; from black with fireworks alike prints on it at the very beginning, torwards deep red with shiny embelishments. Than the colors´ rollercoaster goes "wilde" with adorable color blocking of that same red and pink than hits more higher note in the shape of emerald green, azzuro blue and light grey. The grand finale was the stunning white wedding gown!

Lets talk about silhouettes! This…