Friday, 28 April 2017


The epiphany for class and ultimate style is defenitely the fashion design by Oscar De La Renta. His visions of woman are still so elegant and pure feminine. This same design motto could be seen in the Spring/Summer 2018 Bridal Collection. Typically "De La Renta" silhouette with flowy and airy forms but with huge amount of glam effects for the perfect day of every woman that dreams to be married in Oscar De La Renta gown.

Snowy white color with tons of chiffons layers or embroidered laced textures were the main domain on the weddeng dresses. For more sophisticated women was dispplayed a suit, with sleek trosers and perfectly cutted blazer. For those who are trendy with a witty and playful twist, there were accessories in the form of statement hip-hop "Just Married" necklace for the more urban touch on the top of classy elegance. This collection has offered the best in bridal wear by Oscar De La Renta. Such a vivid and lifeful concept with not just choosen editorial theme but with the cuts and forms too, which any woman could wish for!

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Thursday, 27 April 2017


Elegant and feminine! With these words we colud describe the Carolina Herrera Spring/Summer 2018 Bridal Collection. With classic cuts and glamorous silhouette with very wearable nature, Carolina Herrera has offered ultra refined collection for brides to be. If anyone knows how to make light and cozy but with huge boosted glam dresses and gowns than that is defenitely Carolina Herrera. With flowy but still dazzling opulent gowns she had made the bridal collection worth every admiration.

In simplicity driven, this collection showed the beauty of a woman with impecable style transfering this style joy into her brideswear. With elegant details like big bows on the sleeves, naked shoulders or in typically House Of Herrera style, a gown combined with simple upper t-shirt alike white blouse. Herrera goes even a step further by dispalying already mentioned white blouse with sleek white trousers.

The most admirable were the ball alike gowns illuminating the woman´s beauty in all its glory. In all white ensembles, with casual hints but huge glam factor, Carolina Herrera has showed that she is the queen of creating perfect style not just in haute couture, pret-a-porter but in bridal range too.

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Wednesday, 26 April 2017


Even the no fashion experts have heared about Vera Wang and her wedding dresses. If you wanted to be married in the top of the tops of fashion wedding ensembles you would choose Vera Wang. She has started first as the brides wear creator and designer, and had the successful evolution to haute couture spectrum. Her vision of haute couture has been very dark and avant garde, with deep melancholic vibes. And this same design approach she has kept when the word is about her bridal collections.

The proove for that was Vera Wang Spring/Summer 2018 Bridal Collection. In the form of very darkish editorial it has displayed and presented very gloomy and more exprimental kind of brides wear which was in total contradiction to her collections when she started making wedding dresses. The reason for that was her development as a designer not just in bridal but in haute couture range too.

So in this bridal collection there were lots of anti-bridal vibes; from deconstructed and sharp silhouettes, with naked shoulders and puffy oversized sleeves. This anti-glam approach has more artistic sensation, in the choice of fabriques and textures too. There were not chiffons or any other glamorous materials, more clean almost cotton alike textures with amazing cuts´ solutions like already mentioned shoulders or naked backs.
This collection had very big influence in Vera Wang haute couture approach which she transported into her bridal collection. No sugar coated style on the sight, just pure art and breaking old and making new bridal style horizons. Something what is yet to come in bridal aesthetic approach. And more original fashion ladies can not wait for that!

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Tuesday, 25 April 2017


The highlight of any runaway show in haute couture range is defenitely the part with wedding dress. So the collections made only for wedding themes are high peak of any fashion house. The main designers are haute couturiers so they can release all the imagination making the best gowns for brides to be. The very irresistible and dazzling wasViktor & Rolf Spring/Summer 2018 Bridal Collection. If you are familiar with Viktor & rolf aesthetic police and mojos than you know that they love sophisticated style with huge glamorous potential. This collection was on the same spectrum of design.

The variations of silhouettes, from mainly opulent and voluminous in the shape of ball alike gowns with crinolina forms in combination with silky textures. The more simpler solutions in the form of easy to wear sleek almost pencil alike dresses (or trousers) with extravagnat cuts. Or the mini dresses ornamented with flowerish appliques in shiny embelishments features for the extra wedding-bride glam.

The total design boost could be sensed in wavy attachments on the already mentioned ball gowns. In the combination with voluminous opulence it showed the higher range of brideswear for the ultimate fashion princesses and women with impecable style taste. This collection has offered us the best from Viktor & Rolf in all white ensembles. Perfect wedding wear ideas and inspirations, no doubt!

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Monday, 24 April 2017


Bride wear is always very challenging for any designer. The bride editions are made mostly by haute couturirers so it is amazing to see their vision for wedding dresses and gowns. The maestro of "la belle couture" and one of the most stunning bridal creators is defenitely  Elie Saab. His latest Spring/Summer 2018 Bridal Collection has the main highlights of his aesthetic brought in finest art: chiffon, lace and embroidered features.

The color is all white, snowy white, with elegant but wearable forms without heavy and tough textures. The modern toch was brought in the shape of chic accessories like sun glasses or furry stolas. If you want to be totally chic on your biggest day in the vision of Elie Saab, you will need natural look as well as on the skin, as on the hair too. Sleek hair formed in low pony tail or bun, with minimalistic make up with gorgoues skin, this is how Elie Saab see the bride od Spring/Summer 2018.

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