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If you are a fashion connoisseur and if you follow all the fashion updates you know about the main aesthetics when the word is about Balmain. Balmain is the epitome of the confident woman who knows a good taste and style and it is not afraid to be different. In the latest Fall 2018 Ready To Wear collection the plenty of the usual Balmain style was on the scene but still, Olivier Rousteing has touched down the new style vibes which have brought something fresh and new to the concept of Balmain beauty and style.

The innovations were definitely in the choice of textures which were in the futuristic kind of niche but with the vintage spirit. The concept of the modern Barbarellas was presented on the runway with the silver pieces with the plenty of mini skirts as well as the Balmain version of the corporative looks. In the Balmain case nothing is casual and usual, so the concept of the wide trousers, flowy silhouettes and easy wear tees has definitely a spark of glamour.

The ultimate Balma…


Something that makes the fashion so undetectable and adoration worthy is the ability of it to give the push up to the everyday style and perception too. If you ask any fashion lover you will know that the fashion is just more than just the clothes. It is a way for mood reflection, attitude undertoning or simply celebrating the excitement of a life. In the same mojo vibes, the collection by Rochas for Fall 2018 has been brought. 

Rochas has been the epitome of the high elegance and pure class with the modern accents. These days the modern is so common in the fashion sense, but in the case of Rochas that modernity is not pretentious and "in your face". It is simple, refined and caught in the details. In this case, these details were hidden or incorporated in the micro-print on the coats, mini ruffles on the dresses, shiny embellishments or the python ones on the boots, different textures layered one under another like the chiffon ones on the top of crystal-studded ones.

The hi…


Fashion has a strong visual correspondence. It can easily transport the message in the un-pretentious or pretentious way, still looking dazzling and from the style point of view, impeccable. It is interesting to see how designers see the modern and contemporary woman. She can be romantic, gentle, light, and she can be fearless, dare to stand out and to be simply strong.

The strong concept of the woman and feminine beauty has kept the eye of the latest Nina Ricci  Fall 2018 collection. With the old and archaic military details which were imagined to be the starting style points and codes, this collection has offered the deep and romantic swing of the fashion autumnal concept with the bold and strong pieces.

The cape was the one item from which everything has started in this collection alluring the old military uniforms from French Legion. With the ornamented hats which were also the derivation of the old-school-military inspiration, with the polka dotted chiffon feature, it has shown t…


In today´s current casual spins all over the fashion mainstream, especially in the Ready To Wear domain, the pure and simple elegance is hard to find. Without the casual connected references the style and trend, these days is hard to dig the simple chic and classic. Some may find that it a positive thing in this 90-s and 80-s revival era, but some could find it as a pure lack of what fashion is supposed to be.

But like in every other art, the tastes are different and they are not negotiable in fashion too. Most designers put on the runway the style and design that they find the most appealing and what they feel their design mojo strives. Altuzarra is not the exception, either in that sense. The high classic elements brought in the ultra-feminine vibes, all of that was presented in Fall 2018 Ready To Wear collection.

The other sides of the tweed textures brought in the form of sleek cut coats and jackets boosted with the interesting pockets´ game. When talking about the details, the hi…