The British designer is known for her feminine style in the mostly Ready To Wear fashion niche Jenny Packham knows how to make the effortless and chic design. With the fact that she creates mostly in the high fashion range outside the Haute Couture box does not implicate that her style has the lack of high elegance. Known as the favorite designer of the British Dutches Kate Jenny Packham has definitely found her significance design approach good enough to satisfy the royal fashion tastes.

The perfect style approach with effortless chic and ultra feminine codes was presented in her latest Spring/Summer 2018 Ready-To-Wear Collection. Brough to the light in the form of fashion editorial with simple shade blue background has shown the range of the mostly evening wear with plenty of long dresses and gowns featured with glamorous textures and details like the chiffon, crystal appliques and shiny embellishments.

One thing that catches the eye is how light and easy wearable these items are. Avoiding the mostly heavy and stiff fabrics the silhouette is elegant, in the hourglass type of a way accentuated. The refined and pure classy spirit is to be seen in the cuts. Very polished and classy but with the modern steps in the sense of coloristic solutions. They are vivid and vibrant. Even the black ensembles were highlighted with the shiny appliques breaking down the serious approach and making them more youthful and contemporary.

The Jenny Packham style is very glamorous but with the taste and measure. With classic elements incorporated into the modern aspects but still staying in the high elegance, aesthetic Jenny Packham knows how to make effortless pieces. Every woman can feel royal in her dresses. And that is the most important fact. With the mission to make each woman beautiful Packham with every collection can fulfill the constant desire of aiming the visual perfection but in the very unpretentious way! And what else do we need more?!

Do you like this collection? Which dress is your favorite? What do you think about the effortless glamour that Jenny Packham nourishes?

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Georgia! xo


A London based fashion designer with her own fashion house has not maybe been part of the fashion mainstream but for the exquisite fashion connoisseurs, the name of Georgia Hardinge has not been the unknown fact. As plenty of young designers, Georgia Hardinge nourishes the pure feminine style with the dress as the main item and with the romantic aesthetic brought in the modern style captions.

The pure Georgia Hardinge spirit we could see in her latest Spring/Summer 2018 Ready-To-Wear Collection. Presented in the form of editorial made in the tropical nature as the background her clothes have become the perfect fusion of romantic inspiration with clean and sculpted details like the ruffles, bows or the light ornamented cuts on the shoulders.

The colors are something that Georgia Hardinge loves. With plenty of flamingo pink, tropical green, navy blue or simply summery white, she has made the collection which could be a perfect and impeccable choice for any fashion girl that knows her style and loves something different.

The sculpted features mentioned earlier bring the totally Couture spirit to the clothing and to the whole concept of the fashion sense. The ruffled fabrics with clean and refined lines, the unexpected details like the little bows on the short trousers stitches, the asymmetric cuts on the skirts, all of that has inhaled the high fashion spirit into the Ready To Wear niche.

I simply adore this kind of new names on the fashion scene. They bring something so new and exclusive, giving their design signature as the pure refresh code into the fashion scene. With plenty of design potential seen in Georgia Hardinge work, I have to say that this name is on the right path to becoming the fashion mainstream.

Have you ever heard about Georgia Hardinge design? Do you like it and what do you think about this collection? Which details do you like the most here?

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Georgia! xo


There are so many amazing designers that are not directly under the fashion mainstream spotlight. One of them is for sure Johanna Ortiz the designer from Columbia. She has presented some of her earlier collection at the New York Fashion Week but the latest Spring/Summer 2018 Ready-To-Wear Collection was released during the Paris Fashion Week.

One thing that we can say when we see the Johanna Ortiz design is that is amazingly feminine and stunningly romantic. This kind of romantic vibes have the South America flavors in over floral vibes and ruffle game which correspondent with the modern variety of Flamenco dancer.

This "modus operandi" which is full of pure feminine tones is not stopping there. It brings the red coloristic range, polka dots overload, big bows at the backs, amazing ruffles on the shoulders. As this is not enough the pure girlie thing goes even further with matching micro bags and statement jewelry.

The one thing which is common to the whole collection is the flowy and airy silhouette. Brought through the ruffles overload it evocates the beauty in moving. At this point, the editorial imagined being like the blog post of fashion influencer only undertones the beauty of the Johanna Ortiz fashion in everyday life and on the streets. The woman for which Ortiz creates is fearless, loves fashion and romantic style but it is still influenced by the classic aesthetic with the modern interpretation of the tradition.

This was one of the most beautiful collection I have seen lately! It is really a refreshing style with plenty of feminine vibes with classy echo but still remaining modern, playful and witty! Just like the dresses in this collection, free-spirited, flirty and eye-catching! I think I have found my new designer obsession!

What do you think about this collection? Have you ever heard about Johanna Ortiz work? Which dress is your favorite?

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Georgia! xo


There is one thing we can say about the design by Narciso Rodriguez and that is that he makes the fashion rich with pure minimalism and with clean lines and polished silhouettes. How minimalistic approach has been the favorite creative motto the wider public could see as he designed the wedding dress for Carolyn Bessette when she was marring John F. Kennedy, Jr. The sleek and pearly colored simple dress was the IT piece although it has broken the major rules of the wedding ensembles. Even then the minimalistic touches were something it would become the trademark of  Narciso Rodriguez style.

If you look at the latest Spring/Summer 2018 Ready-To-Wear Collection by Narciso Rodriguez you can see that mininalistic vibes are still there. Polished and refined structures on the dresses, trousers, tops and blouses were so delicate and impeccably realized. The collection has come in the form of simple editorial with white background bringing out the simplicity of the clothes even more.

When we talk about minimalistic style we can not avoid the colors that are the common sensation in the concept of clean-line dressing. The white and black in monochrome or in dualistic editions were in this collection the main thing with red interludes. Red color was there like a breaking brick, something that blocked and interrupted the symbiotic relation and play of the white and black.

The stars of the collection were sleek, pencil cocktail dresses. With the simple cuts on the shoulders it has brought the modern touch-ups to the classic and purely feminine design. Rich in the texture sense for example like the ones by pearls embroidered tops or micro-pierced fabrics alluring at the modern and contemporary lace, this collection has embodied the must have of every fashion fan and consumer.

Having that on our mind we can see how the minimalistic approach in fashion always has the endless outsource of the inspiration. With alterations in colors, like here with the red, or in the textures, in cuts which are most common when thinking about minimalism in fashion, once again fashion has shown how it continues to be fresh, innovative, modern, classic and trendy! And that all has captioned Narciso Rodriguez once again in his design vision!

What do you think about this collection? Is a minimalism something you can relate too when talking about the style? Do you find it enough inspirational?

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Georgia! xo


La Perla has long ago left the luxury lingerie niche and has stepped in the fashion doors. With each collection brought to the life, it has improved the design focus and generated from easy wear to the more glamorous type of fashion ensembles and pieces. By that I mean the dresses in almost gown kind of way with well-realized cuts which have come far enough from the established label for the luxury lingerie brand.

There was no doubt that this amazing spin and step towards the wider fashion concept was realized in the latest Spring/Summer 2018 Ready-To-Wear Collection by La Perla. If the past collections were more in the seductive lingerie notes the current ones have gone to the style perfections and well rounded and imagined collections.

The satin silky textures which are common so often and connected to the lingerie profile of it were in the sight in the form of mini dresses with interesting bondage twists on the decollete. The visual break down of the expected satin textures was brought in the form of modern raincoat version in high shine plastic fabric and in the neon red. This combination was so unusual and with it, the fashion sense of La Perla has successfully brought to the next level.

The next level was in the shape of the long and in pencil silhouette presented dresses. With sleek lines formed and featured by lace and satin, again, it has shown the seductive notes on the highest level. The dresses have had the huge red carpet mark and potential which tells that La Perla keeps going in the same design lane as with lingerie, and that is the spectacular and highly feminine notes. There was nothing unusual or unexpected in this collection. No experiments and extravagant pieces. Only pure classic with huge feminine touch celebrating the woman´s beauty!

Do you like this collection? What do you think about the textures here? What about the mini dresses with lingerie kind of vibe or the long glamorous ones, which do you prefer more?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo