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In the last post for the 2017 and the last post from this New Year´s Eve style outfit ideas, we go for all or nothing! If there is one time in the year that we can never have enough glitter and glitz, then that is probably the New Year´s Eve celebration. The full glam on the outfit, on the face, the glamorous hair! Loose your inner glamorous diva and enjoy the party!


Glitter, glitter and more glitter! This could be the sum up of the most typical but so lovely and breathtaking style idea for the New Year´s Eve. Because you want to dance all night long the length of the dress is the key here! Of course, you can skip the dress and go for the more refined item like the blouse, top, trousers or tuxedo but the texture must be in glitter embellishments featured. If you choose a dress make sure that it is a mini dress. You are more comfortable to dance and it looks really girlie and quirky too! Avoid the long gown alike dresses because it will be much harder for you to dance and you w…


There is nothing more glamorous and chic than to wear the sheer dress or something with the see-through effects. It is classy but with the big eye-catching elements. This look is for the ladies and girls that are confident and like to be the star of the party. If you are not that kind of girl, well New Year celebration is the perfect opportunity to become one. And the easiest way is to put on a sheer texture. Sheer and the see-through effects are a long time become the part of the A-list red carpets and they have had the amazing season on the last fashion weeks, so the sheer textures will still be a big trend the next year. Why not be the perfect fashionista and start the style revolution on the New Year´s Eve that is just around the corner. Here are some of my suggestions!


There are two textures when the word is about the sheer effects. The one is chiffon alike fabric that gives the perfect see-through story in the style sense. It can come in many colors but because the holida…


So as we count down the last days of 2017 the inevitable questions about the New Year´s Eve style are popping out. So in these latest three post in this year, I will give three style ideas hoping that they will ease a little bit your struggles. Let me just say that the New Year idea is ok when we talk about the new chapter on our calendars. Remember that every day is a New Year if you want to make some changes, some goals or chapters. But let us stay in this first domain, the calendar one. And if you are celebrating it then you are probably want to look your best, right!

The first idea that I personally think is very cool and not so much classic in the New Year´s Eve concept is the Rock Chic one. This style is the perfect one for the girls that like to stand out, who are cool but still love to look glamorous but in the edgy and fun way. The faux leather pants in the shiny texture could be the initial item that you will need for this look. You can then upgrade it to the more chi…


One of the fashion houses that has the huge sense of the new romanticism which is brought into the new level of the modern and contemporary style is Erdem. With that on the mind, Erdem nourishes aesthetic which is very recognizable and can easily be related too. That is the strength of this fashion house which has put the refined sensibility at the highest point and that way has transferred that style into their own trademark design touch.

In the latest Pre-Fall 2018 Collection, the romantic mode is on the highest level but this time with the little twist. The secret this time is in the turning to the more exotic style in the form of the Japanese culture. As everything in Erdem aesthetic point of view, the Japanese twist was in the details and refined design. The more sleek and sharp cuts which were on the side at the Japanese side of the design, the kimono alike dress with the wide waistlines in the modern geisha mannerism, the micro-fine prints alluring at the architecturally struct…