Hello, my gorgeous people! For today´s post I decided to write my impressions about french haute couture designer Stephane Rolland. His work is very wide ranged, in different vibes of silhouettes, many materials options and more wider spectrum of colours.

I have to admit no one is less fearless than designers at Paris Fashion Week. I love french couture brands because their sense for expression is very playful and querky, full of imagination and innovations. All of these style categories or characteristics can be found in Stephane Rolland´s couture.

He likes a very sleek, precise cutted edges, layering them in "origami" taylored perfection. He also likes very voluminous down parts of the gowns, featured by tons of ruffles and feathers ornaments giving that "oh lala" couture sensation.

He doesn´t affraid to experiment with colours, bringing even the fluorescent range of yellow or green on the runway which give the creations amazingly bold stand out. If you add on top of all that a perfect cutted design you have very innovative and vivid performance alike couture image.

What do you think about Stephane Rolland couture? Do you like it or is it too much for you?

Thank you for your attention!

Georgia! xo


Hello, my gorgeous fashion people!! Hope you are doing well and that you are keeping up with the fashion weeks that are currently going on. Because of the fact that Milan Fashion Week is still on I decided for today´s post to say something about Versace haute couture.

The most sexy and glamorous haute couture ever is made by the house of Versace. They are always bringing the most feminine silhouettes creating the most divine bombshells of sexyness walking down the runways and not to forget all the celebrities´ army that are flaunting their design on the red carpets like JLo, Beyonce, Rita Ora, Lady Gaga…

Lots of deep cuts, in front or at the back, incorporated with very airy, silkymaterials giving a flattering wavy dresses that light moves vibe, all featured with tight and sleek upper parts creating via bustiers tops. The glamour effect never fails because the models are channeling the most stunning type of women, wearing long hair and bold dramatic make up. If you add on top of all that stand-out heels you have an ultimate glam-amazon  woman.

Many people say that Versace lost their "IT“ effect with Gianni´s lost, but to me Donatella is doing an amazing job. She understands and always presents a Versace woman which is brave, sexy, glamorous, fierceful, beautiful and strong. For me that is enough!

Versace loves, as I said, very light and not over the top couture, no dramatic cuts or strong, voluminous structures. For Versace a woman is the one who wears the dress not the opposite way so the lack of gowns which appear like sculptures around woman´s body is just a hymn to a natural feminine silhouette which is created by accentuated decolté and waist with long legs peeking through deep cutted skirt. Or to express myself in more visual way, they create that famous figureknown  as a sand-clock form. 

Do you like Versace couture? Is it enough high fashion for your taste or do you like more dramatic couturiers? Please tell me your thoughts, lets talk about fashion! I would be so happy to share opinions and impressions with you!

Thank you for your attention!

Georgia! xo


Hi, my adorable fashionistas! We are glaming up here for sure! In today´s post I will tell a few impressions and thoughts about most influenced italian haute couture duo, Dolce&Gabbana. Of course their brand has innumerous features, like perfumes, beauty, ready to wear collections, but for me the focus is haute couture.

Their couture expression is very beautiful, drama overload in tons, lots of flowers prints, lace textures, bold and vibrant colorations on black background which give the creations amazing stand out. They like to incorporate ethnic details from their Sicilian origins, like already mentioned black laces, and fine silky embroidery in bold, vivid colors.

Gorgeously voluminous tulle skirts, featuring the tight corsets on top give the most glamorous silhouette, giving that very royal effect which is enhanced more by crowns on the models´ heads which is very known accessories´ detail in their visual expression. I am sure the reason for that is the fascinanting fact that in Dolce&Gabbanna every woman is a queen because they make you like that. They put so much effort in their couture design that is beyond any imagination.

They give us the aestheticly divine dresses and ensembles, creating every time the odesque to their background, reminiscing some past times of italian tradition. If you want to be notoriously glamorous, go for their amazingly, very over any conventional proportions, puffed gowns, line all that with bold tomato red lipstick, and Sicilian beauty is born. More dolce can´t get it, or?!

What do you think about Dolce&Gabbana haute couture? Do you like that "over the top" dramatic look or do you prefer more low-key couture design?

Thank you for your attention!

Georgia! xo


Hi, my beautiful people! Yes, it came that day when I decided to write my impressions and thoughts about the biggest fashion and haute couture house of all times, the famous Chanel. Chanel is probably the one of those fashion brands that everything turns into gold by being successful in not just fashion related realizations but in beauty scene in general, too.

Coco Chanel´s vision of woman was revolutionary in her time; freeing the tight and by corsets captioned women´s bodies and long, voluminous skirts turning into short, more casual versions. The simplicity of the her expression goes a long way, dualisticly incorporating the famous "Chanel Body", a black jacket and skirt featured with white silk blouse. It defenitely had that "tom-boyish" accent in her time, very playful and quirky!

So that was the past! Today, led by Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel is still a compilation of traditional silhouette, finest tweed jerseys, classy blazers to which he is giving it a modern twist with tons of silky ruffles, gentle colors, a tulles which are softly falling, a pearls´ overload and very dramatic make up game on the models.

Modern Chanel haute couture is very elegant, no decadency on sight, perfectly taylored with a hint of designer´s vigilancy. Because of that in every runway show the spirit of madame Coco is very present and by that I mean in the most amazing sense, celebrating all of her design and in visual sense revolutionary discoveries.

What do you think about Chanel? Do you like it as a haute couture or do you prefer they their "ready-to-wear" collections?

Thank you for your attention!

Georgia! xo


Hi, my gorgeous fashion fans! For today´s post I was really excited because the word is about the "creme de la creme" of haute couture scene, the "enfant terrible" of fashion, eternal rebel and savage at the fashion scene, the one and only Jean Paul Gaultier! Oh, gosh, his work is so iconic, I don´t know how and from where he gets inspirations for the most quercy and sassy couture ensembles out there.

He likes to go very provacative, flirting in numerous times with religion giving it that sweet and innocent of course prophant touch because the limits of his imaginations are no existing so why be conventional and boring, when you can be playful and create the most gorgeous couture at the same time.

He likes drama over drama, big the biggest voluminous gowns that are really created for runways shows. He is known for his bustier opsessions (yes, that famous pointy one that Madonna wore on her tours a few decades ago) in which he loves to leash the models on the runways, parading wearing nothing just that particular feminine underwear inspired item. Oh, know I get where Beyonce and co. got idea of performing only in corsets and fishnet pantyhose!

He likes to give a hommages and to take inspirations from subcultures, movie stars, fallen celebrities, famous artists, painters...the source of his visual imput is tremendous! And because of that he is not just a designer he is a poly-culture phenomenon!

So as you can see, Jean Paul Gaultiere˙s style is an inspiration in every possible way. And to me that is the true epiphany of fashion and haute couture. Maybe we will never wear it but it can inspire us to give our style that sassy but glamourou twist, matching navy bold eyes´ make up and vibrant red lips, or wearing our favour bustier undernearth the white silky blouse...

What are your thoughts about Gaultuer and his couture? Do you like his "playful-not-to-serious" kind of attitude or you are fan of more low-key couture designs and expressions?

Thank you for your attention!

Georgia! xo


Hello, my dear fashionistas and all you fashion lovers!! Today the theme of the post is very interesting couture house by U.S.A. and the word is about Rodarte. If you follow the New York fashion weeks you have probably seen some the masterpieces by these couture house.

So what is so interesting about Rodarte?! Well, to me is very huge variety of spectrum in expression kind of way. There is nothing this design house can´t handle it, from making beautifully decadent costumes for the movie "The Swan", the airy and silky textrures coloured in soft-marino blue of their amazing gowns, or adorably glamorous and cool knitted pieces, or to the collaboration with famous Christian Louboutin with their shoes collection.

I think I have never seen so variable and polyvalent design expressions so to me Rodarte is very exciting and my new favorite tayloring dream team. If you wanna go gothic go for Rodarte! If you wanna be timelessly romantic, go for Rodarte! If you wanna be tricky, witty and playful, go for Rodarte! If you wanna be sweet rebel, go for Rodarte...There are so many options this couture is giving to their customers and opinionated fans. I am the biggest one for sure!

What do you think abot Rodarte? Do you like it, have you ever heard about it and does it have to you that couture factor at its finest?

Many thanks for your time and attention!

Georgia! xo