Hi, fashion people! Hope you are doing well and that you are enjoying your holidays avoiding sugar and food coma :)! In today´s post I will write my impressions about a new discover, at least to me, when it comes to new, "belle" haute-couture designers. And that is Paolo Sebastian. It took my attention scrolling the hashtag #hautecouture on Instagram and I was blown away by his work.

What impressed me the most is his fine embroidery work! As you can notice, if you have read carefully my last post, is that I am all about this petite embroidered features which are very characteristic for Elie Saab couture. I don´t know why, but that type of ornaments and textures in tayloring brings up the femininity and class of the women, and I adore them soooo. I also like light, soft and gentle colors which round up the picture of Paolo Sebastian couture.

I know that in celebrity circles he is not so accentuated, but I think that his time will come! I really enjoy in this kind of fashion, very etheric and glamorous. He has a great ensemble of wedding dresses or gowns that are inspired by that theme! And although I am an ultimate "run away bride" type of gal, hehe, I love, love, love Paolo Sebastian´s work!

In haute-couture every detail is important. Not just the form of the gown, the design, the ornaments or aspect of the colours but also the choice of material. And in Paolo Sebastian case the choice is perfect, with tons of finest silk, airy and very light wearing chiffons all that boosted with delicate embroidered features. I think his couture work is stunning now but the best is yet to come from this very promising designer.

What do you think about Paolo Sebastian´s work, do you like that type of couture expression?

Thank you for your attention!



Hi, fashion people! I have always been following the trends and news updates in fashion, especiallay in haute couture scene! So when I got a glimpse at Elie Saab´s work, when the whole fashion world found out about these fashion magician from Lebanon I fell in love in his work! What struck me the most about his work is very etheric toch in all of his creations, luxurious fabriques and very feminine forms!

Every time I think about couture which is like fairy tail alike I think about his work! I will tell you a little secret! My all time dream is to be able to wear one of his creations ( I know it´s a silly mantra, but heyyy a girl can dream :)..I love how his tayloring is so sophisticated and untill the smallest detail is featured by a touch of his roots and tradition of the culture he is coming from. When I watch his runway shows I am thrilled that someone with his vision has altered European fashion mainstream.

To me Elie Saab´s work is epiphany of classy couture which can make very woman tremendeously beautiful and to me that is the most fascinating thing of his work. He is "you can never go wrong" choice for every red carpet show-stopper effect, because that is a fact. But the most important thing is that he always offers something new, a different kind of glamour, softly pushing the well known boundaries od couture.

I think that his legacy is even more bigger because he made a way to the other amazing designers which cherish similar couture style, but are very unique in their own way, like Zuhair Murad, Georges Hobeika, George Chakra... Lebanese aesthethic´s roots are that paralele which is common for all of them. So happy that we can enjoy in their shows which transport us in a different, "Thousand One Nights" kind of vibe, very magic and gorgeously packed with luxury focused at sweet odesk to amazing world of fashion, of haute couture!

What do you think about Elie Saab´s fashion? Do you like it or are you a fan of a more edgy and by experiments´ enriched couture?

Thank you for your attention!



 Hi, fashion people! In this post I will be writing something about my favourite designer of all times! I knew that my second post would be dedicated to the man who changed my perception of fashion and haute couture in general. And that amazing person is, still is and always will be, Alexander McQueen! I will never forget that moment when I found out that Lee is not alive anymore, that he commited suicide. In my heart and my mind I knew that nothing in fashion design will ever be the same and that a huge gap will forever stay in fashion scene.

Why was Alexander McQueen so influental not just for my experience of fashion but for fashion history in general? He was like pioneer of a new aestheticism, he developed what was the beauty of ugliness, or what was known as "Savage Beauty". He brought on runways shocking and insane visual concepts which pushed boundaries of couture´s perception. What was sooooo amazingly divine in all of this were the perfect cuts, innovative textures and materials, well fitted order in what was at first sight looked like total animosity against known fashion and couture conventions.

Untill yet, on my opinion, no one even has got on a trace of Lee´s genius talent. I cherish Sarah Burton, she is doing great work, but no one will ever be like Alexander! In literature, there is a theory called A Theory Of Perception, when the novel is so outstanding that pushes the expectation of the reader. For me that was Lee´s design! With every collection she pushed that horizon of my visual expectation, in that way that I couldn´t believe how someone could be so exquisitely excellent and madly genius.

But however he was The Maker, the one who produces art at its finest mode, he struggled with inner deconstructions of himself. That´s why he wanted a piece, piece which he couldn´t find in this world. I guess that´s the curse of all genius people, they fight against themselves and in most times they lose it. I miss Lee´s work and this was a little "hommage", on my own kind of way to thank him for all the greatness of beauty, of art, of style and haute couture!

I would like to know who is your favourite designer of all time? What do you think about Alexander McQueen´s work and do you think if somenone will ever be just like him, a pure genius in sense of fashion design?

Thank you for your attention!



Hi, fashion people! This is my first post and I´m so excited! I have always been a fashion fan, especially  of haute couture! Everytime I watch haute couture featured designs my heart skips the beat, hehe and I´m literally drawling over phantastic and beyond imaginaton created gowns! This blog is my "hommage" on this fashion art so I would be posting my favorite ensembles, talking about my designers and about couture in general!

What inspired me to write about in this first post, yay, are some pictures I saw on social media captions like "Haute couture is dead" and I thought , well that˙s strange. Is it true, is this an end of great era or what?! So to ensure myself that this constatation is not right I want to bring haute couture in life on my blog, talking about it and enjoy in divine bliss of visual beauty featured in couture design!

I know that haute couture is not in " ready-to-wear" scene so it is only available to look and nothing else (except if you are multi-millionaire so you can buy one, or two or hundred of these items, or be a Hollywood star and be part of "rent-a-dress" pack). But that´s ok. Why is haute couture important in fashion in general?! Because it pushes the boundries of creativity, of imaginative visions, of ludacrisly playful realizations! And because of that couture is not dead! It breaths in fairy tail alike sketches, in fine art embroideries and divine mind of couture designers! Bow down to them because they are prove that imagine can be real, that etheric dream can come true and that all of this esthetic dream can be wearable!

I would like to hear your thoughts about haute couture! Do you think that haute couture era of great designers like McQueen, Valentino, Dior etc., is over or do we still have something to admire and to looking forward when "creme de la creme" of whole fashion weeks hits the runways in capital of high fashion, gorgeous and great Pareeee (Paris)!

 Thank you for your attention!