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Givenchy Spring/Summer 2018 Resort Collection

For the most of the time, Givenchy has served us very imaginative and vivid collections. With youthful strive as a must, trendsetting the newest ready to wear trends, Givenchy has been the Imperator of a perfect style with an original and personal twist. The same visual statements could be seen in the latest Givenchy Spring/Summer 2018 Resort Collection alluring the star-struck ensembles with huge elegance hype.

The collection was in the range of mainly three colors: white in the light and so Givenchy translucent ensembles. The fuchsia vibrant red or more pink in the dresses rocking the monochrome touch. And in the cobalt blue, which was reserved for the more casual, athleisure alike items. What stood out was the easy and light silhouette by avoiding the waist accents and showcasing more the beauty of the whole body.

For the resort collections so en vogue voluminous forms were in the scene in the shape of wide trousers, cape alike blouses or loosed jumpsuits. Lots of see through textu…


The epitome for easy chic and feminine boost is definitely the fashion brand by Chloe. With a non-pretentious approach to the style, Chloe always brings out the collection that fashion fans will love and adore with many inspirational vibes. In the same fashion range was Chloe Spring/Summer 2018 Resort Collection. With flowy and airy forms not just in the silhouettes but in the textures too, this collection showed the best Resort vision of Chloe.

The accent was on the move and fluent forms, with ensembles on the more loosed side. Lots of maxi-dresses with fringes overload on the stitches parts as well as on the accessories, like the over-knee boots. The airy features were on the board with easy for summer materials, like chiffon and gentle cotton boosted with glam embellishments or bolder pieces like golden trousers or prints.

The fluent approach was even more accentuated in the form of embroidered ponchos and flowy light capes. Everything was on the move, on the go, just like the summ…


Diane von Furstenberg is the epitome of the ultimate feminine design. With The Dress as her signature item´s piece, the latest Spring/Summer 2018 Resort Collection was in the same visual range. From the famous wrap dress, the Diane von Furstenberg design has developed in the stunning upgrade of her tr endmark piece, the dress.

This collection has offered the variety of dresses; flowy and light with floral prints ornamented which could be easily rocked on a daily base as well as the ensembles made for the night. The very youthful and modern touch was on the sight in the two pieces dresses formed by cropped sleek top and wide fluent silky skirt. Not forget to mention the cocktail dresses underneath the translucent and by lace boosted textures.

The stars of the collection were colors and cuts. With the variety and pluralistic approach on that field, this editorial has displayed the multi-stylistic vision of Diane von Furstenberg design. Florals, vibrant prints, stripes with playful spect…


The New York based fashion brand Altuzarra with Joseph Altuzarra as the founder, designer and creative leader, is all about comfortable chic. With tailored details with an imperative to be original and different, Altuzarra nourishes the classic style with the edgy twists. The same kind style we could see in the latest Spring/Summer 2018 Resort Collection. With the elegant business looks as the main design idea, his collection has offered everything a woman with style likes and wants.

The classic office items, like jackets, midi skirts or elegant coats were upgraded with playful asymmetric cuts to inhale them more of the original spins. But not only in asymmetric details, this collection has offered the style excitement. With items´ clash like embroidered, laced up and chiffon light airy blouses on the top of more casual shirts or vibrant pink suits.

And not forget the old school printed scarf knotted in Western kind of way. Or the high waist trousers in combination with the wide belt.…