Hello my gorgeous fashionistas! Hope you are doing amazing and that you are enjoying spring to the fullest. I am a summer child so warmer weather gives me a life. I mean who could resist amazing colors and flowers´ scents all around us, am I right! But enough about weather chat. In today´s post I am gonna say few impressions of mine about fashion made by Kate Spade.

There are two things you don´t know about me; that I am am ultimate New York City fan (although I have never visited, but hope soon that will be changed) and that I love cats. So what are all these things have to do with Kate Spade´s fashion? Well, she is an ultimate New York City designer icon, and her editorials are full with adorables chic felines.

I love how Spade´s fahion is so joyful, with bright colors enriched, stylish but not pretentious, so wearable but show-stopper at the same time. I think her fashion embodies a real New York City "gal", so en vogue, but always in a rush, from job to after-work parties, always looking fabulous and stunning.

To me Spade´s fahion is a true epiphany of New York style. So if you want to feel and be dressed like New Yorker lady, you should go for her design or just get inspired by it! Oh, and the kittens in her editorials are so adorable! By that I can tell she is a true catlady! To me, that is enough to get "Spade-d"!

What do you think about Kate Spade fashion? Do you like it and you feel that New York City vibe from it?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo


Hello my gorgeous fashion people! In today´s post I have decided to say something about resort haute couture. Resort collections are also known as a "cruising fashion", made especially for customers who are spending their vacations on yachts. So the concept of it is very casual but in haute couture scene is a little more elegant and glamorous.

Many designers who are making haute couture are usually designing for resort collections too, so it is very interesting to see how they see a haute couture in that kind of inspirations. The resort collections in haute couture scene are more wearable, more light fabriques are in the game, loos ups and wavy structures, with no heavy and strong accentuared features.

Of course, in haute couture sky is the limit, so in the concept of resort fashion, there are rules that are avoiding the classic resort style; like navy prints, blue tones and colors or caftans vibes. It is more classier and decadent, in couture sense, with hints of casuality but with strongly accentuated high fashion boost.

If you want to be the queen of the yacht season just be inspired by haute couture resort collections. Because fashion is a pure inspiration and imagination. And that is priceless, right?! :)

Tell me, what do you think about resort collections? Do you like them?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo


Hello my gorgeous fashion people! Hope you are doing ok and that you are enjoying Spring all the way! Today here is cold and rainy day so what a better way to make a rainy day go away than introducing a new haute couture name to all of you. Well at least to me is very new, and the word is about lebanese haute couture designer Nicolas Jebran.

I found about him when I was reading some fashion magazine and ran on the article about Madonna´s tour that she was on a few months ago, that one of designers for her tour was Nicolas Jebran. As soon as I read "lebanese designer" I knew that I am gonna fall in love so deep in his work, because no one of lebanese designers has ever fail to do that.

I was immediatelly struck by haute couture glamour and chic, oh and not forget sexyappeal, too! Every of those aspects are so amazingly involved in his design and visual interpretations. He has a very wide spectrum of silhouettes; from sleek and tight, to very well structured in geometricly perfect way, to very airy and soft forms featured by romantic fringes and tons of most luxurious chiffon!

What I loved so much, and I can feel that in his design, is his fearless approach to woman´s body creating the most stunning gowns you can imagine. One of them was defenitely the famous braided gown which Jennifer Lopez (my ultimate style icon) wore when she was hosting last year´s AMA´s. That dress was so gorgeously decadent, sexyness was bursting all over but in elegant and feminine way. So when I found out that Nicolas Jebran was creator of that couture miracle, I was blown away!

But as you will see in gallery, all of his work is so amazing! And I am so happy that I have discovered his work! Haute couture always asks from designers to be brave, not to fail in their visions and imaginative vibes. Nicolas Jebran defenitely has great visions and doesn´t affraid to stand out beside his work. More of young and talented designer we can´t ask for!

What do you think and feel about Nicolad Jebran haute couture? Have you heard of him and do you like his design?

Thank you for your attention!

Georgia! xo


Hello my gorgeous fashionistas! This weekend is Coachella weekend. Coachella is very popular music festival which is held in Palm Springs, California. It is known as a "fashion Woddstock", with lots of style references on that famous music festival and with tons of fashion accent in general.

If you want to be a star at the Coachella in your outfit and have some really great time and fun, because Coachella is all about dancing on amazing music let´s not forget that, you can never go wrong with airy caftans, very colorful ensembles on the clothes as well on the face and nails. Everything is very "high" decadent, with wavy silhouettes all around. You can wear bikini featured with ankle boots, boosted with feathers and big voluminous hat for that "Woodstock princess" vibe.

The ultimate playful touch is make up game, for sure; white eyeliner and lots of pastel colors on the face, like modern "music, piece & love" warriors is something what makes Coachella to stand out from all the others music festivals. For somenone like me, who loves fashion but music a little more, this is defenitely one of my bucket list´s wish!

Do you like Coachella fashion, what do you think about it? Have you ever been on one, or if not would you like to visit it if you had a chance?

Thank you for your attention !

Georgia! xo


Hello my gorgeous fashionistas! Hope you are doing well and that you are enjoying Spring all the way! In today´s post I have decided to say few words about Marc Jacobs fashion. He is well appreciated designer among many celebrities ( like Beyonce, or Lady Gaga who was one of the runway models at his last show). I guess the reason for that is his provocative vibe by which he is famous for, great visual innovations and amazing sense for trending styles in fashion industry.

He likes creating for woman which is brave in her femininity, sexy but playful. He isn´t classic haute couture designer, he is much more known at the pret-a-porter scene. And very influential in that field, introducing some very "couture" moment in his fashion, like making the bunnies´ ears as a common accessorize, or ultra-mega big platforms which he brought at last year´s show.

When designer is secure in his work, people believe in his art of expression and I think that this fasct is main reason why Marc Jacobs never can get wrong in anything he does. If you like to stand out as a proud fashionista, wearing and enjoying channeling edgy outfits then Marc Jacobs is perfect for you. Nothing traditional, very "en vogue" but still ready to be seen on the streets or red carpets. Fashion is fun and that fact you can see in Marc Jacobs work and in his sense of fashion.

What do you think about Marc Jacobs fashion? Do you own one of his items and what do you think about his work in general?

Thank you for your attention!

Georgia! xo