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Hi, my fashionistas! When thinking about all that glamorous gowns you can ever imagine the first name that crosses my mind is Oscar De La Renta. Too me he was the first designer who brought the tons of tulles, the most beautiful ruffles´ overload to the runways. His work is the true epiphany of " la belle" couture, aestheticly perfect and featured by fine opulence in visual sense.

His designs always brought New York Fashion Week on big glamour level giving it a breeze of frenche couture decadence but in wearably light way. His designs were very often seen at the red carpets flaunting the most adorable glamour ever.

I like that he didn´t experiment much in his work but still always had new and fresh way of tayloring, keppiing his tayloring as most flattering statement to woman and her beauty. Elegance was written in very unique way, without being pretentious just fabulous.

His trademarks were chiffon in thousand layers, fine ruffles stiched in stiff and comp…

Hi, my fashionistas! So this is happening right now, my favourite fashion week ever, in Paris! I always get so excited because I know the festivity of haute couture is on it´s peak and I can´t wait to see new collections and amazing new fashion ensembles.

This year´s fashion week was pretty great, like usual! Magnificent gowns, perfectly tailored, very glamorous and rich crafted. So I decided to show and tell you about few favorite design sellection of mine.

I have to admit that Stephane Rolland has blown me away! His design was very feminine, lots of wavy volume, bold colours and gorgeously edited visual solutions. Very glamorous and by star-struck appeal boosted! Great collection!

Chanel never disappoints, in any way! Not just models and creations are perfectly showed but a runway is always very original, too. In this case, models were revealed in wooded gallery, standing still. Dresses were two pieces cocktail dresses alike, with wide taylored sleeves cre…

Hi, my beautiful fashion people! I decided to write another post, yay!!! I always liked Marchesa haute couture design! It is very sophisticated, aetheric but not affraid to stand out in details. I love their sculptured, strong silhouettes, wavy ruffles all the way and gorgeous select of colours.

When I observe haute caouture creations I always look at the details that are brought in very perfectly details. Although it looks like a playful visual apperiance, nothing in couture is by accident. That is why I love Marchesa. Their gowns are so detailed crafted that it´s taking my breath everytime I see them.

Feathers, fringes, countless silky materials and most finest embroidery you can imagine are defenitely the most important features of their couture. Very soft and gentle standout, celebrating the femininity in all it´s glory. Even their resort collections are very high fashionable, cocktail dresses presented in most vigil visualisation. If you want to be touched by a glamour a…

Hi, my beautiful fashion people! You probably don´t know what is next obssesion of mine after fashion and music. Well, the answer is simple, cats!!! I love them so much! Everything themed by these gorgeosly fured and purrrfect creatures, impresses me so much! So I decided to say or show a few photos from couture editorials where stuntsmen are kitties.

I don´t want to much to rave about cats, you know that they have their own nature, but in fashion editorials they look very cool and dandy! I know this is a silly constatation but if you want to fuel your photos with extra coolness and cold, but very chic touch, you will decide to feature a cat in your shooting!

They have very captivating eyes, so all attention is on them (model is here just passing by, hehe). But if you look closely to all of photos where cats are included, they look so fiercefully in lense, or just gazing somewhere in the distance, giving the photo a hint of totally coolness.

So cats are per…

Hi, fashion people! Everytime I search in my head theme for my next blog post I can´t really decide about which designer and couture to write because there are so many great, innumerous creators whose work I admire so much. For today I decided to say my impressions about Giambattista Valli couture. His work can often be seen at red carpets where A-list celebrities are wearing his gorgeous gowns.

What I personally love about his style and way of expression is his diversity. His creations come in so many different shapes and forms; sleek and simple elegance, or rich and colourful textures. He doesn´t affraid of taking risks, experimenting in every possible way giving us perfect visual festivity of glamour, femininity and class.

His gowns come in most vibrant colours you can imagine like canary yellow, or vibrant red, or tremendeously baby pink. And still he manage to offer and give the most specatuclar haute couture experience to one who is that lucky to wears them an…

Hi, my gorgeous fashionistas! Hope you are doing well and not getting that january blues get you. To set our mind at some happy (read beautiful) stuff I decided to write another post for you. And it is dedicated to very aspiring couture label and name at couture scene. The word is about Ralf & Russo. They are known to be very young house of couture (in the year2007 they started to design) and it is only british designer duo that have their runway shows during the Paris haute couture fashion week.

What is so captivating about this designer˙s name is their wide spectre of design expression. They do so well in creating delicate, eteric gowns in soft and gentle colorations like beige, lavander or pink. But they are so well in bold and dramatic expressions, like very strong accentuated structural features in their ensembles, which bring a lot of voluminosity and sophistication in dark violet or blood red.

That wide range of art expression is first thing that caught my…

Hi, my gorgeous fashion people!

So today I decided to say something about accessorizes. We all love them, they can pull out any missed combination into smash-hit. But I would like to talk about accessorizes in high fashion, in haute couture. Like in every aspect of this fashion art of expression, nothing is usual and casual. Accessorizes are treated in couture scene like a cherry on a top of the ice cream. They perfectly round up any couture story and visualisation. That´s why they come in so many unsual forms, over sized proportions lead by beautifully accentuated exaggeration.

In that case, we can see all over folded jewelry over the whole upper body parts functioning like the most divine blouse ever. Lots of fine stones, pearls and crystals falling down the naked body is very bold and innovative way to express couture design at its fines art.

Flowers are also one structural option but in this way like a hair ornament. it gives to couture a perfect and rom…