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Haute couture has so many faces and original realizations. Any imaginative form you can think about to be part of high fashion is defenitely not something ordinary and common. That is the same thing with trousers in haute couture ensembles. If you are introduced in typical haute couture scene you probably know that usual high fashion setting is made in form of gowns, weather sleek or opulent, but dresses are ordinary looks´ instalment of haute couture.

So trousers incorporated in couture domain are defenitely not a usual sight you can see in couture collections. I like the way couture has so great perceptions when it comes to innovations and visual new stories to tell. If we look closer at trousers in couture domain, we can see that they are so well incorporated in couture looks. They can be worn alone, in form of printed sleek or elegantly baggy pants. They are usually combined with cape which gives that "couture" aura to ensemble and that is very commom look if we talk abo…


No other couture house had have such a "bipolar" approach when it comes to their visual design than house of Dior. After rulling the high fashion past by the leadership of Christian Dior, the house has become a very visual reincarnated and boosted in 1996 when John Galliano stepped to be art director and designer. That was, not mentioning the original Dior era during 1960-es, the trully golden age which finished in 2011. At Galliano´s place came Belgian designer Raf Simons. What is so interesting to me, and this is the theme of this post, is the tremendious differences in their approaches to design.

First of all, let´s take a look at Galliano´s design. It is very decadent, extravagant, full of aesthetic exaggearations but in a brilliant way. He really pushed the visual boundaries and perceptive expactations, making couture more quirky, playful and fun. Lots of bold colors, bold textures as well as bold detailing in  make up and accessorizes, made him the genius of fashion sc…


Hi, my beautiful people! Yes, it came that day when I decided to write my impressions and thoughts about the biggest fashion and haute couture house of all times, the famous Chanel. Chanel is probably the one of those fashion brands that everything turns into gold by being successful in not just fashion related realizations but in beauty scene in general, too.

Coco Chanel´s vision of woman was revolutionary in her time; freeing the tight and by corsets captioned women´s bodies and long, voluminous skirts turning into short, more casual versions. The simplicity of the her expression goes a long way, dualisticly incorporating the famous "Chanel Body", a black jacket and skirt featured with white silk blouse. Not forget simple but elegant pearls accessorize mostly in shape of loosed falling necklace. It defenitely had that "tom-boyish" accent in her time, very playful and quirky!

So that was the past! Today, led by Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel is still a compil…


I always find very intriguing and very special when I stumble at women couturiers. I find that female designers have different kind of approach to woman´s femininity and woman´s body than their men colleagues. And I think that´s nothing wrong with that. Couture is the same as literature; a term Women´s Writing is very known literary cathegory, just to make it sure!

The perfect example for this kind of couture is defenitely couture made by Marchesa. It is very new house of couture settled in New York, led by two outstanding women: Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig. They met at the college and decided to make haute couture. And they do amazing job!

Marchesa is couture house which has got an iconic status at couture fashion scene relatively qiuck, but that doesn´t make it less than important and less influencing at the high end fashion sphere. They have big number of A-list Hollywood clients, like Jennifer Lopez or Sandra Bullock. So that leads us to main characteristic of their work, an…