Hello dear fashion friends! As previous posts of mine were really edgy, very decadent and dark I decided that in today´s post I share some of my impressions and to curate few images of haute couture ensembles made in pastel.

Pastel colors are not really colors they are shades of main warm or cool toned colors, but brought on very soft and crisp variants. So let us enjoy in some of candy eyes a la haute couture.

As you can imagine the main domain of these couture are spring/summer collections. Here we can see how color is very important for final definition of collection. Pastel shades come often in airy and light combinations, in very wearable ensembles colliding perfectly with "belle couture" which is an opposite term of more sassy and modern savage couture.

The impressions of pastel couture is very feminine with loosed hint of sexappeal. Nothing has brought in exaggerations, only in perfectly elegant shapes and forms. This coloration choice also corresponds with the choice of textures which are more silky, tulle-ish and with textures boosted by lots of ruffles. Of course, nothing is impossible in world of haute couture, so we can enjoy and wedding dresses in pastel colorated instalments!

I think the top of the tops are defenitely gowns made in this spectrum of colors. It offers us the dream, dream of couture fairytale alike. It is gorgeously sugar coated, to spice up and perform the tasties visual enjoyment and joy! Haute couture has so many secrets, revealing them so generaously pompous to us, that it is a pure aesthetic synesthesia which is ageless and eternal! Viva Haute Couture!

Do you like thes kind of couture?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo


Hello my dear fashion frineds! As I look closely in haute couture I have to admit I notice every day new features and forms which are needed to be mentioned. What caught my eye is defenitely 3-D haute couture or in full term said: three dimensional haute couture.

What does it mean and how does it transfere to visual couture realization? It means that the texture and appliques are not drawn or printed in the material, but in shapes of touchable palpitations´ features. It can be the variety of forms, anything you can imagine can be put in 3-D haute couture; waves which are spirally displayed around the body, real feather revealing real birds´ visual imitations, an arabesque made of real iron or if we go really decadent, and couture is a percect media for it, of real gold. As you see the choice of forms and shapes is inevitable.

We can say for sure that 3-D haute couture is the future of fashion. But the pioneer of this couture is defenitely the dutch designer Iris van Herpen. She makes stunning ensembles which are on the limit of fahion and art, making stunning couture sculptures light and easy to wear. This fact defenitely shows how 3-D couture comprehends building materials and textures; in totally new aspect it brings us new aesthetic, an aesthetic of future.

Do you like 3-D haute couture? Have you ever heard for it?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo


Hello my fashionistas! So as the fashion week impressions of mine are put in display for you guys (you can read all of them here, just scroll down and enjoy) I decided to go back to my typical themed occupacions, haute couture in all of its forms and features. Today I decided to say few things about collide of haute couture and subculters.

First just to say few words about subculters and what they really are? Subculters are social and cultural phenomenons which are connected to present cultural strives. So we can say, the subculters are trending anti-appearences in visual, musical, theatrical wise, or in art and society in general. What I mean by "anti-appearences" etrm is that they are the consciously separated from conventional society and cultural mode. What is most intriguing the oxymoron nature of it; haute couture as a symbol for tradition and by cannons strongly framed expressions at the other, and very modern and avant garde expression at the other side, in form of a subculture.

So let us see how this transferes in haute couture! For example the influences of punk for which is very  known couture of Vivienne Westewood. She wasn´t only the pioneer of this subculture, she really well infiltrated it in her couture experience. Very messy and intentionally "no belle" couture was transformed in punkish flared couture with strong visual features. Here are some of examples in pictures below:

Or another example is very postmodern theatrical approache which can be seen in Serbian designer based in London, Marko Mitanovski´s work. He combines theatre with dark-ish mood making haute couture very gorgeously dramatic and nostalgic. And with a hint of fixation at subculture of fetish we get even more decadent but by adoration worthly ensembles. Check the in the photos below:

Of course gothic is very known postmodern subcultural feature. It comes in very darkly opulent designs, making that old-new motive in neoromantic interpreted highlight which is often to be seen in very artistic and avant garde fashion. The pioneer of this expression was defenitely Alexander McQueen. This frame of gothic gave him the innumerous spectrum of creating the most inspiring savage couture which became a cult in visual sense.

So as you can see, couture has so many faces. It is not just pretentious high fashion with "belle epoqe" flare to it. It is pure art, an art which can be part of museum installments and illuminate that Friedrich Hegel´s "brightness" which is main characteristic for an art piece. We are lucky to be the whitnesses of this great couture which has escaped from subcultural tendencies and has become an ultimate fashion and art in general!

Do you like this kind of couture?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo


Hello my dear friends! So for the last impression post of haute couture fashion week I have decided to write about collection of the famous dutch designer which is very known for her innovative design in haute couture. The vision of haute couture of Iris van Herpen is very artisticly boosted with polyvalentic perspective to it. Her design is like 3-dimensional installations with very sculpted accentuated features.

That was the case with this collection, too. A very futuristic and avant garde vibe with a new vision of femininity and elegance. The ensembles were, although very down the structural and opulent side, very airy and light. This was defenitely successfully done by choice of the texture, a very stiff silky material which was perfect for getting that sculpting effect. The inspiration was in the see flora and fauna; so the presented forms were futuristic visions and realizations of seashelfs and jellyfishes in already mentioned 3-dimensional form. The heels were never the less but de-structured form of clogs. Another amazing futuristic highlight!

The make up and hair were also in this very excentric and artistic way formed. A high cutted bangs in edition with nude make up and glossy skin was defenitely a perfect pair and match for the whole collection. The bleached eyebrows were the highlight of the whole face, giving the whole look very an ultra modernistic vibe.

"The display of futuristic mermaids", this could be the summary of this collection! A brilliant couture jump in the future introducing the new design cannons and elegance pushing the boundaries of known into gorgeously and lyrically unknown. With this designer´s courage we don´t have to be affraid for future of haute couture!

Do you like this collection? What do you think about futuristic fashion design?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo


Hello my dear fashion friends! United Colors of Haute Couture! That could be one sentence by which I could describe the playout of italian design house Schiaparelli! The collection vibrated by so many vivid colors but not just that, the cuts and forms were amazing, almoust stepping in joyable "uncomfort" avant garde zone. So I am so excited to bring you closer this show.

As the first thing that cought my eye were defenitely sleek and very strongly defineD silhouettes. They were very stiff making the shoulders standing out. Even on the dresses with accentuated decolletes the shoulders´ applique was highlighted, so this gave the whole ensembles very "couture with attitude" kind of vibe.

One thing which was also noticeable was defenitely the diversity of  forms; we have seen gorgeously opulent or very pencil alike lined dresses, or the boldly printed corsets in combinaton with puffed by glittery boosted shorst, or the modern version of wrapping dress which was originally designed by Elsa Schiaparelli, a founder of this couture house and a good friend of Coco Chanel.

The "prints gone wild" were displayed too! Even the runway lookout was all  featured in prints so the prints and the color blocking were defenitely one of the many gorgeous highlights of this collection! Speaking of colors, the spectrum was very wide; black, fuchsia pink, yellow-blue-red  shuffled ornaments which gave the rainbow effect to it all. It was very playful collection in colors´ sense but what gave it an autumn/winter-ish vibe were defenitely the strong accentuated structures and silhouettes, as mentioned at the beginning!

Because a big of drama was going on the ensembles, the hair and make up were totally low key. A tight top-knot was the only hair style. And the faces were nearly bared, with interesting motive on the eyes; an orange eyeshadow smudged in careless alike way! This was defenitely one of the best make up of this fashion week to me.

This collection celebrated haute couture in all of its diversatile glory! It remebered us why we love fashion, couture and all that gorgeous creative "mess"! Because of this collection I adore haute couture! And this is the best compliment I can say to WOW-e it again, again, again...

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo