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This year was the year when we lost on of the most memorable names in fashion industry. In August a famous french female designer Sonia Rykiel has died leaving the tremendeous gap in fashion industry. And although just like in life everything has to go on, even in fashion too, I decided today to say few words in the memory of this extraordinary woman who was not only designer but the writer too!

There is something appealling and worth adoration for every woman who stands proudly years and years in fashion business. Because to be honest it is a tough job and world. So as a woman myself, I feel even more proud when talking about each woman´s path in fashion design. So what is so intriguing about Sonia Rykiel artistic vision?! Well, she was famous for her knitting skills. Even Spring/Summer collections which are known for light and easy materials and textures Sonia made of the most finest knitting, making items which were so delicate and almost silky texture alike. Not to mention…

And there was the Dress! The famous item that put fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg to immediate spotlight which is even today the true Olimp of the most dazzling pret-a-porter! If you are not familiar to fashion and the story behind the Dress, today I will say few words about it. So keep on read it!

If anyone knows and understand women than it is probably Diane von Furstenberg. She made the perfect dress ever which was revolutionary by that time; the famous wrapping dress. You don´t need much time and effort to put it on, just wrap it around your body like a perfect and luxurious robe, and you are ready to go! It is interesting that even today Diane still nourishes this Dress approach; making very elegant but comfortable dresses which flaunt woman´s figure instantly!

Just to take a look at few most common highlights in Diane von Furstenberg´s design; very waist accentuated silhouette but because of gentle wrap arou…


If you are already introduced to my blog you will know already that the main domanin and focus is high end fashion or haute couture. Of course fashion has so many different features and fatigues and one of it is for certain ready to wear collections. There is one particular designer that makes stunning pret-a-porter collections and that is Roberto Cavalli.

First of all, being an italian designer accentuates more the stylisticly perfect approach to design. Cavallo is fierless when it comes to making wearable clothes; bold color blocking, vibrant animal prints. Sexy dresses as well as very airy maxi-dresses, inspired by inevitable rock chic and chicks, stardusted ensembles perfect for saturday night out.

Cavalli has very edgy and interesting approach to his vision of a woman. She is the urban warior, flaunting all of her assets self-conciously knowing that the weapon is not in her appearence but in the pure fact that she is a Woman! This kind of woman celebrates Roberto Cavalli in each …


For fashionistas and fashion fans the term "resort" is a known thing. Resort collections are also famous as the "cruising fashion", made especially for customers who are spending their vacations on yachts or fancy holiday areas. The time for their presentations are winterish and cold weather seasons because customers usually spend they winter vacations on warm places. So the concept of it is very casual but in haute couture scene it has a little more elegant and glamorous touch to it. It is more on the "ready to wear" side but with important and charasteristic glamour high end fashion effects.

Many designers who are making haute couture are usually designing for resort collections too, so it is very interesting to see how they see a haute couture in that kind of inspirations. The resort collections in haute couture scene are more wearable, more light fabriques are in the game, as the same as loosed up and wavy structures, with no heavy and strong a…