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Sometimes the simplicity is the best way! This creative strive could be the inevitable motto by Ralph Lauren. I general, just like many American designers, Ralph Lauren nourishes the simple elegance with radiant and astonishing design solutions. The same vibes could be seen in Ralph Lauren Spring/Summer 2017 Ready to Wear Collection. Plenty of minimalistic and clean forms with hints of fluent silhouettes. The perfect "ready for summer and beaches" ensembles.

The lightness of the collection was in the first place in the coloristic sense! Most of the items were in light camel and soft beige shades alluring the desert style Fata Morgana kind of touches. With flowy and airy silhouettes on the caftans dresses as well as on the cozy jumpsuits. But the stars of the collection were evening dresses. With silky textures and original cuts, Ralph Lauren showed once again that he is the king of simple but eye-catching evening dresses.

This collection had everything that Spring/Summer col…


Gucci has always been the epiphany for very refined and original style accentuated with design boldness and stands out. In the latest  Gucci Spring/Summer 2018 Resort Collection Gucci has shown more than usual aesthetics, bringing new inspirational wisps and traces of decadent and theatrical vibes. With design highlight of Renaissance but interpreted in the famous Gucci way, this collection has presented new and vivid face of this Italian fashion house.

The fact that the show was held in Florence, which has been known as not just the famous center of the west culture that we know today, but where the famous Gucci name was born and started the invasion of the design world. So the numerous reasons were there, and not just that! The style rush was on peak introducing us to the more playful and even more bolder face of Gucci.

The already mentioned Renaissance spirit was brought in the new perspective; it could be sensed in the opulent coats with texturized minimalism or on the other aspec…


With innovative swirls and new textures! These could be the words by which the Fendi Spring/Summer 2017 Resort Collection could be described. With printed witty game added original forms to prints´ design, it has offered the modern and playful side to the Spring/Summer wear. With huge feminine accents like midi dresses or skirts, lovely furry "stolas" by which just the little whisp pf decadence could be sensed; all of this was displayed in the form of interesting editorial.

The red and white combinations on the ensembles, with floral details or more graphic ones, or a combination of both in stunning prints´ clashings these outfits were the modern interpretation of traditional 50-ies old Hollywood silhouettes. In ruffled forms on the down parts, it evocated the contemporary vision of classic elegance.

The more Fendi alike were black ensembles, with see through parts in the middle with the more voluminous approach not just on the dresses but on the sleeves and shoulders´ parts…


One of the many faces of Roberto Cavalli design is definitely Just Cavalli collections. They are edgier and with huge pret-a-porter potentials made for more younger fashion consumers. In general, when we talk about Roberto Cavalli, we think about glam and rock chic, star dusted with intentions for the perfect red carpet ensembles. In the same range was the Just Cavalli Spring/Summer 2018 Resort Collection. With summer mode design imperative, it has offered the perfect combination of cool romantic details with perfectly cut pieces.

Roberto Cavalli never disappoints and always, in the famous Italian mannerism, offers the perfect combination of visually attractive approaches with classic elements. Amazingly tailored suits in white, embroidered textures on the dresses, shiny PVC tights with cool leather jackets, all of this has made this collection stunning and with stylistically desirable vibes.

This collection was seen as the more night wear than the casual and usual summer dressings, b…