To make elegant and feminine clothes but still make them look cool and youthful, is something that could be described as design mojo of Redemption fashion house. With the seductive hints as for the notes which are there only to spice it up the classy and stunning design, the aesthetic philosophy of this house is inevitable. With the totally girlie vibes which are transformed into the light "femme fatale" idea, the style by Redemption is something that any young lady would wish for. Why?! Because it has the attitude and the perkiness but it is still stationed in the mainstream fashion codes.

In the collection for Fall 2018, the high elegance factor was on the peak with the original and rock chic vibes. The mini dresses were enriched with the ruffles which have given them the right classy note, the long ones which were more suitable for the red carpet have had the hourglass accentuated silhouette with the help of the wide belt. The highlights on the waist were not the only eye-catching accessories. The man hats were added to that line with has given the mystical and cool note and totally new visual dimension. With this move, the outfit has got the deeper and much interesting notes, no doubt that.

With the asymmetric cuts, the imperative of high and polished style was kept in the constant range and level. With the luxurious fabrics and textures like chiffon and silk interrupted with the lace and satin, the perfect collection for easy and effortless glam was made. The edgy parts were in the accessories again, in the elegant edition of combat boots. The ultra big bows on them have given the ultimate modern touch to this whole fashion story.

This collection has shown how the current girls like to wear. With the high glam factor mixed with the cool chic, it has elaborated what the modern chic these days look alike and that is perky, dazzling, well tailored and little mystical!

What do you think about this collection? Which dress do you like the most? Do you feel the hats in all this fashion story?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo


In today´s casual frenzy which has occupied every niche of the fashion design, the experimental and extravagant concept and approach to the fashion design is something which is these days mostly rare and not so often and common. To go against the whole odds and to dare to be different is something which could be wrongly interpreted, especially in the current "parole" oriented spirit of fashion. So any attempt and any collection which is different than anything else what the fashion mainstream can offer is something we can admire too.

This kind of approach to design is something that in Comme Des Garcons is a usual thing. Having on the mind that Rei Kawabuko is the main fashion director which design is everything than boring, common and conventional, you know that from Comme Des Garcons you can expect the fashion in its pure and filtered kind of way. This fashion has the huge experimental and theatrical accent so the aesthetic could be sorted in the high profiled type of Haute Couture.

But here the word is about the latest Fall 2018 Ready To Wear collection. As you can see the concept of ready to wear is something which is strongly artistically oriented in this case. With the pretentious „un-easy“ wear potential, Comme Des Garcons offers the thing which is in today´s fashion world forgotten so often, and that is the imaginative freedom and genius witty twist. With the uber-voluminous silhouette that looked almost like it was taken from the theater scene, with the fine layers all over, the concept of fashion in this collection has taken not to serious and almost intriguingly sarcastic but all wrapped in the most innovative and exciting story.

This collection has strong expression and just because of the nature of its "parole" orientation which is not "in-your-face" kind one, it still has strong reflexion about the society and the culture in general, which has been presented in an unpretentious way. The modern "spleen" of our society is just like this collection; vibrant, perky, witty but full of distortions and deconstructive spirit. Something that we all need to think about!

What do you think about this collection? Do you find this collection interesting in the ready to wear sense or do you find it too much extravagant?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo


There is something so dazzling and appealing when we talk about the design by Johanna Ortiz. The fearless beauty of the high accentuated femininity and with the conscious classic highlights brought in the modern and playful mode. With the dress as the main item, the design by Johanna Ortiz offers the simple but adorable fashion with the vibrant and colorful chromatic range. If you add to that the beautiful ruffles and big bows as the leading style carriers the ultimate chic is born!

The same fashion codes were on the scene in the latest Fall 2018 Ready To Wear collection. the fact that it has presented in the form of simple editorial, has just undertoned the beauty of the clothes and ensembles. The multiple ruffles formed in the microfine mannerism in the combination with the robust and big coral jacket, as the first look, have dictated the whole aesthetic of this collection. The mixture of high elegant with the refined urban details.

The stars of the collection were the dresses, no doubt to that! With the light wear factor as the one of the imperative, the textures of them were chiffon easy and on the total silk mode enabled. Definitely, the most gorgeous one was the one shaped in the flamenco attire alike form in the gentle powdery shade. Or the red one with the ultra big puffy sleeves and with the big flower pinned on the waist!The ethereal beauty of that dress has embodied the sense of Johanna Ortiz which is to make any woman feel and look beautiful! More than that successfully fulfilled the mission we can not ask for!  

What do you think about this collection? Which ensemble is your favorite? Do you like this kind of high feminine design?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo


For any fashion fan and lover, the fashion by Alexandre Vauthier has been the epitome of the high class and seductive and fearless style. With the highlighted 80-s silhouette brought with the wide shoulders and the sleek waistline, Alexandre Vauthier design is the perfect red carpet choice or the choice for the exclusive eveningwear style.

The shiny fabrics with the rich ruffles as the main detail and motive, the vibrant colors of the deep purple, blue or olive green, or the all black ones with the high accentuated seductive notes. All of that was on the scene in the latest Fall 2018 Ready To Wear collection which was presented in the simple editorial with the current IT model and the muse by Vauthier, Bella Hadid.

Seems that the choice of Bella Hadid was the perfect one because she embodies the ideal Vauthier woman which is fearless, sexy, refined and gentle at the same time. The clothes were, on the other hand, much sassier and bold, with the cool and couture alike interventions like the amazing mini dresses, the Vauthier version of tuxedo which was in the mixture of Napoleon alike attire and the simple black and white elegant evening men wear.

With the high elegance elements and imperative, this collection has shown the woman which is chic and loves fashion but has the strong sense of the individual. Here the experiments were not so common but still, there is something little revolutionary in the Alexandre Vauthier design, just enough to spice up the glam versions of evening ensembles and us simple love it!

What do you think about this collection? Which ensemble is your favorite? Do you like Bella Hadid in this editorial?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo