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Hello my dear fashion friends! I have always loved make up. It is the best and easiest way to glam up your look. Who could resist red blodded lips in the middle of a day or that perfect eyeliner game on the eyes at the night. In today´s post I will say few characteristic topics when it comes to haute couture make-up.

Like in haute couture in general, where everything is possible in expression sense, make-up is not different in any kind of a way. I really love to watch haute couture runway shows just to see all the magic going on the models´ faces. And that beauty magic is glorious, you have to admit.

Everything is so over proportions, big and dramatic reds´ sensations on the lips and eyelids. Or bold eyeliners creating the perfect geometric shapes. If  a make-up designer is even more inspired he uses small pieces of lace on the eyelashes making that perfect couture eye swing. Glitter is also very often used texture on the eyes or lips too. As you can see, even …

Hello my fashion people! As summer is knocking on the door I have decided in today´s post to say few impressions about summer inspirations in haute couture. Haute couture is perfect mode to channel the most elegant and romantic ensembles inspired by summer. And I think there is no better combination than high fashion expression incorporated in hot, vibrant summery whisp.

When talking about summer in haute couture we can see that the choice of materials and textures is very important. A flowy and airy flare is a must, so the light silky dresses are perfect incoropration of summer sense in haute couture.

When talking about appliques there are innumoerous details that can be showed at the materials; big flowery prints, or big and bigger drafts of butterflies, dots or finest embroidery..all of that is so delicate and gentle perfectly reminding us on the most beautiful summer nights.

Colorations are important too. No heavy and dark shades, just pastel and warm tones to…

Hello my fashion friends! In today´s post I will share some of my impressions about connection between haute couture and avantgarde. Avantgarde is known like a decade in culture and art history but we can reffer it also like a style indicator. When artistic expression is a head from it´s time then we can talk about avantgarde influences or tendecies.

Haute couture is perfect mode to experiment with avantgarde and all of what it presents. Because haute couture has very artistic vibe there are lots of space for experiments in that kind of direction. In that case haute couture looks more like an art piece, with more depth in visual sense, so many of these design we can for sure observe like an exponents in museum of art.

The imagination is only limit when talking about avantgarde influences in haute couture. To craft that kind of design you don´t need expensive materials, you can use plastic or metal for example, forming the most decadent but gorgeous ensembles…

Hello my fashion people! In today´s post I will talk about ways how we fashionistas can incorporate haute couture in everyday life. I know this sounds like a big oxymoron but if you take an inspiration from couture you will have extravagant and elegant look, no doubt.

Of course we all know haute couture ensembles are very, very expensive. Even Hollywood stars can´t afford it, that´s why they rent them and at the same time they promote the designer which gown they wear, so you have win-win situation. We all, who are that (un)lucky not to be famous A-celebrities and don´t have opportunity to pose on the red carpets, we can be star of our own street walk if we take an inspiration from couture looks. So here are few of my suggestions!

1.) There is no better way to get dramatic couture vibe if you wear voluminous dress with thousands of chiffon layers. You can combine it with ordinary t-shirt and you will have great everyday look instantly.

2.) Or you can rea…

Hello my beautiful fashion fans! Hope you are doing great! Welcome to my new post! Today I will say few words about haute couture which has been inspired by baroque. Baroque is cultural and style period in west culture worldwide, which is known for its decadency and opulent style, with boosted ornaments in every artistic field you can imagine from poetry, painting, sculpture, architecture. There for baroque has been a constant inspiration for haute couture of our time.

When talking about the couture inspired by baroque, you can see drama all the way, in visual sense, exaggerations in so many fields like form (very wide and strongly accentuated down part featured by inevitable bustiers a.k.a corsets in upper part), colors (gold, black, red), texture (very heavy materials giving the sense of rich opulence). It is the festivity of couture for sure, giving it the historical input interpreted in modern way.

So many great designers of our time has created th…