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Haute couture is known for its french connection but haute couture made by italian couturiers are really something to be admired at. If we compare famous french haute couture and italian high end fashion we can defenitely see some differences in visual and creative approach! So lets see what kind of couture is made in "la bella Italia"!

Italy is very known for its specific aesthetic vision, which is very refined and classy with a little bit of sassiness and edgyness to it, not just in fashion but in total cultural sense! The same thing is when it comes to haute couture. If french couture is pure art and decadency, the italian is very feminine and elegant with touch of highly purified styles and looks. We don´t get as much inventions but we get the glamorous simplicity brought through the playful and quirky moments. Very colorful prisms or monumentally homogenic "all in one shade" forms undertone the beautiful variations of the italian haute couture.

Even if we ment…


Beside forms and silhouettes, textures and colors, the very astonishing and important part of haute couture are defenitely prints. Prints in high end fashion can be displayed in so many different shapes and facets giving the final product a.k.a ensemble very avant garde and modern touch, or have more playful and quirky approach, or romantic and purely feminine concept. It all dependes of the way which prints are included.

In haute couture nothing is taken for granted, in sense that each of above mentioned elements have to be in perfect collision and nice visual symbiosis to give the ultimate high fashion sensation. That is why choice of prints is always on point and in deep connection to a wider fashion picture of the particular ensemble and collection too. For example, very simple silhouette can have totally new aspect in perception if it is boosted with remarkable and imaginative prints. If the prints are more on the experimental side, celebrating very colorful geometric shapes this…


There are tons of themes by which haute couture gets inspirations off. The most interesting and one of the most playful and quirkiest is the Alice In Wonderland theme. The oniric and sur-realistic persepctive creates the perfect place for most inspirational haute couture. This theme is often used in high end fashion editorials too because it is very diverse and imagination pure.

The haute couture inspired by this theme is very colorful with very original forms and structure solutions. The "uber" imaginative factor gives the whole ensembles very high artistic note, the very dreamy content brought into the visual reality. Very innovative design approaches in shape of disproportional ruffles, enormous ball gowns ornamented with anthological Alice In Wonderland motives like little rabbits, clocks, mirrors or simply sweet design decadence. All of this can be seen in this concept.

The Alice In Wonderland theme is everlasting inspiration in fashion world! Many of famous designers p…


In my opinion there are not so many items from nature that are so stunning as butterfly! It is gentle, colorful, full of life and vivid in its whole appearance. When it is incoroprated in haute couture than my friends, we have the ultimate celebration of beauty. There is something delicate and super fine when it comes to this fauna creatures that even haute couture with these kind of motives has ultra romantic boost.

The main focus when talking about butterflies in haute couture are defenitely the printed appliques on the materials from gowns or ensembles. This kind of sample invites designers to use very bright and wide spectrum of colors, that is why creations on this point are rich with vibrate doze of colors imitating the dazzling mimicry of nature.

The other type of butterflies´ forms are in sphere of more detailed and specific ornaments placed on the face as a masque or on the head as a gorgeous head piece. The inspiration where to put the butterflies´ appliques are really innor…