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There is something strong and straight, up-front when we talk about the work of Maria Grazia Chiuri for Dior. It is almost in the area of being full of paroles brought in a visual way. The women empowering movement seems like Chiuri has predicted with her "We Should All Be Feminists" t-shirts a few seasons ago. This is a pure example and proves how the fashion has the most refined sense of social problems, way ahead of pro-claiming arts like theater shows or literature. But this could be the theme for its own. Let´s see how Dior sees a woman in the upcoming Fall 2018.

This collection was the mixture of Dior at its finest art and the tomboyish features. Starting with the baker hat which has replaced the famous "French cap" which could be seen in the latest few Dior collections. This time the choice was much sassier and it has the refined androgynous notes. The voluminous jackets and coats, the rain-coats, the flat robust boots, the dark and deep colors. All of that …


Versace is all about the power of a woman! The seductive and sexy note that glides through the Versace aesthetic design has been the imperative which has become so traditional to Versace style. Seems like in the Ready To Wear collection Fall 2018 that vibe was a little undertoned and some new design canons were set to the runway.

With the plenty of multi and heterogenic approaches in the prints and textures sense, with the old school, Versace looks were on the trace of such a relevant current 80-s stride. The ultra mini dresses cropped with the ultra big belt with the vintage kind of vibe, the sleek coats ornamented with the big broches. All of that was on the hints of the new edition of the something old. Old in the good and almost nostalgic sense.

The new side of the collection were all tartan looks. With the vibrant and multi-colored prints, shaped into the girlie-school uniforms or in the all-casual wear edition. One thing which will be big in the next season is uber-big scarfs wh…


From "Fashion Sinners", "Fashion Is Beauty", "Fashion Devotion" seems like Dolce & Gabbana with the latest Fall 2018 Collection have celebrated the fashion and what the fashion is all about. Keeping their signature design touch, like the Catholic motifs, Sicilian Beauty, and golden tiaras, Dolce & Gabbana have made once again the visual spectacle bursting with the high feminine mode, pure feminine beauty and a little controversy which we, when the word is about D&G, love.

The rich textures in embroidery, lace overload in all black or red. The perfect flowy dresses in aquarel alike flowery prints, the masculine touches in the form of sleek and elegant cut coats and trousers alluring the priest attire. The shiny embellishments are something D&G adores, so there were plenty of mini-dresses in the sleek forms accentuating the beauty of the woman body. The richness and heterogenic approach to the style were in the big and oversized coats featur…


Ingenious and a little up front and avant-garde. This could be the usual sum up of the Prada design. With every collection, Prada continues to set the new guidelines for the trends and style. With the famous Italian class and chic, Prada delivers the outstanding aesthetics that are new and original. The same vibes were sensed in the latest Fall 2018 Ready To Wear collection. With the fashion as the tool to understand and to present all problems today society and the world has, Prada continues in an ironic buts stylistically stunning way show us her vision of the current trendings.

Witty and up front, edgy and playful design was presented. With the high sci-fi influences, almost like Prada was presenting the clothes and outfits of the next "Mars Travellers" generation. The stiff and sculpted forms of the coats and the skirts, the invisible laser cuts which were undertoning the futuristic touch of the collection, the fluorescent colors, the combination of the sheer and chiffon…