Hello my fashion friends! To me haute couture has always been a great way to celebrate dramatic and nostalgic moments in visual sense. There is something grandiously dashing in melancholy that haute couture embraces.

The most melancholic vibe can be seen in haute couture editorials. They are perfect media and form to show the wide range of couture in deep, melancholic way. Like frozen pictures from noir movies, they are often presented in black and white coloration giving the couture that noir-art chic.

When talking about forms and textures in this sense, they are very romanticly formed, with tons of ruffles, silky waves all around, with bold and heavy game on the eyes embodied in heavy smokey effects. There are not so many unusual features in the ensembles, dresses or gowns in general. Only in the make up game which gives IT that dramatic and dark opulence.

Why I love these kind of haute couture?! Because it embraces all what couture is; elegant, brave, sad, gorgeous, beautiful, poetic, with artistic dignity. Sadness suits haute couture so well and that is the most inspiring thing to me.

How do you feel about noir input in haute couture?

Thank you for attention!

Georgia! xo


Hello my dear fashion friends! Hope you are doing great and that you enjoy your summer. In today´s post I will say few words about very important visula factor when it comes to haute couture. And that is the silhouette.

Haute couture has so many amazing features, but to me the most astonishing and fascinating thing is the silhouette. There can be different kind of realizations when we talk about this aspect of haute couture making the signature sign of couture in general.

For examples, silhouettes that are more sleek, strongly defined are more likely to be part of aestheticly very feminine ensembles, giving the accent to more traditional kind of couture beauty. It follows the body contours celebrating it at the most chic way.

Opulent and big forms are more characteristic for modern vision of couture, giving it that experimenting and avant garde touch. This kind of expression is more likely to be seen at shows made by young, yet to come designers, beacuse they have the courage to take risk in visual sense. This type of silhouette is very artistic, mostly like musem alike instalation.

Airy and light silhouette is made by very light materials, with tons of waves, ruffles and chifon features. It gives the couture very romantic and etheric touch with feminine potential putten on the highest boost. If any silhouette in couture celebrates woman body that this could be it.

There are also very structuredly strong silhouettes which have very strong vision in architectural sense. This kind of sihouettes are also part of very artistic expression of couture, giving it very futuristic vibe. This is artisticly seen the most popular form giving the couture very theatrical and vivid touch.

So these are some of silhouettes that can be part of haute couture ensembles. As you can see, my friends, haute couture is so complex and has so many wonderful points of view. And that is the most beautiful thing when talking about haute couture.

What is your favorite silhouette type in haute couture?

Thank you for attention!

Georgia! xo


Hello my dear friends! In today´s post I will not say much! Let us just enjoy in the haute couture ensembles. Sometimes the theory always shades the final product so I will just share with you these amazing images and say why I adore haute couture so much.

I know in these days when everyone has a blog, talks about fashion and beauty, haute couture is not so often occasion to be spoken about. Maybe because we can not afford it, maybe because we can not wear it, or maybe it is too much for us!

Or maybe often we think that haute couture is dead asking ourselves what is the point of making ultra-mega-hyper expensive gowns which no one can buy them. Well the point of haute couture isn´t in buying it, or wear it. It is like Leonardo Da Vinci´s Mona Lisa, or Salvador Dali´s pieces. We appreciate them, and celebrate them as a perfect pieces of art. And that is the same thing with haute couture.

So enjoy my friends in visual paradise!

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo


Hello my gorgeous fashion friends! Yay, first day of summer is here and I as a summer child is feeling excited and enjoying every day. Life is much more funny when we are appreciate small things, right! Ok, in today´s post I will talk about trends in haute couture. Can we talk about trends in general in haute couture, are there any influences by which couture designs are affected or can haute couture be observed like an eternal vintage story?!

As you can see, haute couture has so many features and forms. I have talked about it in my earlier posts. It can be very savage and avant guarde but it can also be very classic and by traditional elegance driven. There are so many influences which can be inspired in haute couture, from art, pop art, theatre, music, even flowers and nature in general, for example.The spectrum is very wide.

Regard by all of this mentioned above I can tell that there are not so many trends in haute couture. We can talk about materials, forms, realizations, craftmanships; are they made good or bad, with more or less success in visual sense. I think those are trends in haute couture. A couture ensemble can never go out of style. If you see first dresses made by Dior, by Christian Dior himself, you can see an eternal elegance and they would be amazingly good incoroprated in any modern haute couture story today.

Haute couture is like classic literature; it can never go old or out of fashion. This is the reason why we even nowadays loveand enjoy poetry by Baudelaire, novels by Proust or theatre plays by Shakespeare. And that is the most beautiful fact about haute couture.

What do you think about this topic? Do you think haute couture has trends or is it timeless?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo



Hello my gorgeous fashion friends! In today´s post I will release the inner couture dreamer in me and say if I could ever be able, which designer I would wear and why! For example I am invited at the Oscars´ red carpet and I have that sweet torchure of choosing the dress I would wear.

I don´t really think about the form of a dress, only the name would be enough for me. And that is Elie Saab! I don´t know why I am so obsessed by his couture fashion, but his dresses are made for elegant and feminine look that every woman should even once her life experinece.

What I like when it comes to Elie Saab couture are the materials that are so flowy and light, featured by magnificent embroideries, giving that exotic but chic vibe to each ensemble. His vision of a woman is perfect; gentle and kind just like a warm whisp of air.

So to me Elie Saab dress is a dream! I know, and plese, let me dream. Maybe it will never come true, but hey a girl can have dreams, right!

Which gown you would wear if you had the opportunity?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo