Hello my fashion people! We are going fully avantgarde and decadent in this post. Ok, so I wrote here on my blog about lots of haute couture designers but the most dramatic, those who have the sense of bold couture and visual playgame are French houses of high fashion. Christian Lacroix is not any exception, on contrary, he made some of the glamorous haute couture editions of all times.

In the artistic expression he has very similar sense for visual touch like John Galliano when he worked for Dior. It is a fashion of couture festivity, beyond any imagination, creations that are very fairytail alike, but with dark, moony and decadent twist. Everything is big in Lacroix, the gowns, the hairs, the tons of chiffon and silk. All that makes his creativity vision outside any usual and conventional beauty and elegance.

His creations look like they have been teleported from the ancient time of queen Marie-Antoinette, with lots of extravagant and luxurious shapes by which Lacroix has evocated grandious times from French history and tradition. Bringing it at haute couture runway shows he gave it a modern, never passing, twist. Because of that his creations are stunning even today, with lots of fine aesthethic potential. His design is prove that haute couture never dies, that it is vigil and can be attractive and well incorporated in today´s sense of high fashion. More of that we can´t ask for!

What do you think about Lacroux design? Do you like it and find it still fashionable appealling?

Thank you for your attention!

Georgia! xo 


A most prominent name of British fashion scene is Julien Macdonald, a very popular designer much known and popular in celebrity circles. Many of red carpets goddesses have worn his creations, from Beyonce, JLo, Cheryl Cole, Shakira, Kylie Minogue...He shares passion for glitter overload which makes perfect eye catching ensembles.

Well, from said all of these above we can honestly say that he makes gowns which are very glamorous but wearable which makes them a perfect choice for red carpet star-struck appeal. He uses a lot of shiny appliques in many forms and shapes. They can be made of crystals, glass, or the most finest glittery dust. The main thing it shoul be shinning and must be giving that "wow" effect.

He incoroprates also a very modern embroidery features to the dresses, making very sleek and sexy silhouette which is all about accentuating the woman´s body features. It´s all about glammy rock and roll chic chick, wearing these by sexappeal bolded dresses with very strong and dramatic make up, light smudgy dusty smokey eyes giving it perfect grungy and edgy, but in high fashion sense, touch.

His design is very feminine, but celebrating strong, sexy woman who has so much confident. His woman is glam-army warrior woman, with the most impovered weapon ever, her body, personality and divine vibe.

What do you think about Julien Macdonald fashion? Do you like it? Please, send me your thoughts in the comments section!

Thank you for your attention!

Georgia! xo 


Hello my fashion people! For today´s post I decided to write something about Monique Lhuillier fashion design. Her first choice of work was designing a bride dresses but then succesfully transfered into whole range of creating beautiful haute couture which is often weared by Hollywood celebrities.

The fact that she first has designed wedding gowns gives her couture expression a very elegant glamour, lots of feminine features but in non-exaggerate way. Her creations are not boosted by sexappeal like maybe Versace or Gucci, they are very delicate and decent visually incoroprated so they are perfect for glamming up the red carpets.

The textures that are showed often in her collections are chiffon, silk, feather light materials, in more often cases very airy and low-key gowns with a hint of voluminous opulence. In that sense her couture is very glamorous and very wearable which makes it even more gorgeous.

If you ask me this couture house is defenitely perfect choice for wedding dress or that particular dress when you need to shine like a princess but not bothering about would you be able to walk/dance/chilling in the creation. If you want vivid couture, full of easy movement potential then choose this fashion couture.

What are your thoughts about this couture? Do you like it or you prefer more decadent and dramatic design?

Thank you for your attention!

Georgia! xo 


If someone is fearless in creative kind of sense than that could probably be the French couturiers!  And one of them is haute couture designer Stephane Rolland, no doubt that.  What I love about his work is that very wide ranged spectrum, counting different vibes of silhouettes, many materials options and more wider selecton of colours.

Speaking of creative courage, I love French couture brands because their sense for expression is very playful and querky, full of imagination and innovations. All of these style categories or characteristics can be found in Stephane Rolland´s couture. He always pulls the new innovative forms, making the sculpted features so delicate and airy, or light textures boldly standing out!

He likes very sleek, precise cutted edges, layering them in "origami" taylored perfection. He also prefers very voluminous down parts of the gowns, featured by tons of ruffles and feathers ornaments giving that "oh lala" couture sensation.

He doesn´t affraid to experiment with colours, bringing even the fluorescent range of yellow or green on the runway which give the creations amazingly bold stand out. If you add on top of all that a perfect cutted design you have very innovative and vivid performance of outstandingly gorgeous couture image.

What do you think about Stephane Rolland couture? Do you like it or is it too much for you?

Thank you for your attention!

Georgia! xo