We all need a little bit of the glamour! It can be in the clothing item, in the underwear piece or in something much simpler like the red lipstick. Seems that the aesthetic of Roberto Cavalli has been in the continuous seductive strive. But lately, these notes are very much toned down in the house of Roberto Cavalli. The easy chic, the loosed up prints which are so typical design jam of Cavalli, the less revealing cuts as the usual ones.

The same style vibes were on the sight in the latest Autumn/Winter 2018 Pre-Fall Collection. Seems like the chic and seductive notes are low but still remain in the sphere or luxurious textures and fabrics as well as in the playful prints. The sleek silhouettes were more exception than the already considered forms with the accents on the typical autumnal pieces like the coats, raincoats, sweaters, and maxi-dresses.

The prints are always fun part when the word is about Roberto Cavalli style. These ones are playful and colorful with the strong vibrant but still in the gentle area. The baby blue, the mustard yellow, the coral red were stars of the collection. But the animal prints which are so standard for Cavalli were featured in this collection too. The big zebra ones, the leopard ones in the collision with the furry accents, those were the typical Cavalli style outfits.

The stars of the collection were the dresses. Usually, the dresses in the vision of Cavalli are sleek, tight and purely seductive. But in this collection, the dresses were loosed up and in the airy edition. Seems like the vision of the Indian summer was the leading key in the style concept of this collection. The textures, the light, and fluent cuts looked pretty dazzling under the perfect cut coats and jackets.

The original solutions in the shape of mini and little features on the sleeves, on the waists or in the re-shaped classic trench coat story were so well done. Seems like the step in the way of the little extravagant and more experimental vibes will be the huge thing when we talk about the trends of the next season! Cavalli has the perfect measure and approach to it for sure. With the urban and light seductive note, this collection has captured the looks that we are so looking forward too!

What do you think about this collection? What do you think about the aesthetic of it? Which piece is your favorite?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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