Ingenious and a little up front and avant-garde. This could be the usual sum up of the Prada design. With every collection, Prada continues to set the new guidelines for the trends and style. With the famous Italian class and chic, Prada delivers the outstanding aesthetics that are new and original. The same vibes were sensed in the latest Fall 2018 Ready To Wear collection. With the fashion as the tool to understand and to present all problems today society and the world has, Prada continues in an ironic buts stylistically stunning way show us her vision of the current trendings.

Witty and up front, edgy and playful design was presented. With the high sci-fi influences, almost like Prada was presenting the clothes and outfits of the next "Mars Travellers" generation. The stiff and sculpted forms of the coats and the skirts, the invisible laser cuts which were undertoning the futuristic touch of the collection, the fluorescent colors, the combination of the sheer and chiffon textures on the top of the floral ones were there just to give the low key and to give the high style maintenance a la Prada.

The unusual story Prada always delivers with the accessories. In this case, the rubber boots were that item. With the vibrant ruffled fabric on the top which has only accentuated the edgy and experimental touches of Prada design. With space flora on the dresses, the puffed form on them was in the same sculpted range like the "Space-Girl" uniforms mentioned before. The edginess was on the fleek with the vibrant eyeshadows fling on the eyes. Once again ensuring us that the eyes will be in the center of the beauty the next season. 

This collection has shown the modern woman which is here but still kept in the future. She is fearless with the strong style indicators, self-conscious and in the search for the new femininity. Out of this world, stunning and powerful. This collection was all of that!

What do you think about this collection? Do you like the sci-fi and futuristic concept of it? What about the textures and forms, do you find them from the style point exciting?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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