There is sometimes hard to be original and constant in the fashion design with the visual and style innovations. But if you are a fashion insider and even someone who is in the fashion you know that the name of Dublin designer stands for the original style with the huge wearable factor. She is the designer that makes clothes extravagant enough to be noticeable at the first glimpse but easy to wear in the final realization. So when you see that some current influencer is rocking the unusual piece on the street it is probably the item by Simone Rocha.

 The same vibes with light experimental antipodes were on the sight of the latest Spring/Summer 2018 Ready-To-Wear Collection. The texture and fabrics were in the first focus with the heterogenic realizations of the same ones. The fluffy and over voluminous silhouette which was standing out like the sugar candy cotton was the main leading point of the creative strive in this collection. But don´t let that the deep romanticism seduce you or fool you. The ultra special specimen factor by Simone Rocha was inevitable alluring the experimental aesthetic with original cuts´ solutions.

First, the all-white ensembles were seen and sensed like the multi-textured canvas. The all-white legion was following up in the wide spectrum of the fabrics from the silky and satin ones to the more cotton alike or light chiffon editions. Then the sudden break down in the shape of all black ensembles with slightly white interruptions. Seemed like Simone Rocha has chosen at that point the white part of the ensembles to be more like the archaic, Victorian night-gowns converted into the modern and contemporary leisure versions. 

Then the stunning edition of black nigh dresses with red appliques. They were really the outstanding not just in the coloristic but in the form´s solutions. The dolls´ alike silhouette was simply gorgeous. It had gone perfectly with the doll alike makeup on the models. The clean fresh skin with nude lips but blushy cheeks. With the white voluminous gowns easy to wear as the final pieces of the collection Simone Rocha has offered the true girlie iridescence but with cool and contemporary attitude. If we must find the typical Rocha look this collection would be the perfect epitome of her style vision. And that is why the fashion industry and fashion fans love her!

Do you like this collection? What do you think about the dresses? How do you feel about the textures of the dresses and what about that Victorian doll alike silhouette?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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