Hi, fashion people! This is my first post and I´m so excited! I have always been a fashion fan, especially  of haute couture! Everytime I watch haute couture featured designs my heart skips the beat, hehe and I´m literally drawling over phantastic and beyond imaginaton created gowns! This blog is my "hommage" on this fashion art so I would be posting my favorite ensembles, talking about my designers and about couture in general!

What inspired me to write about in this first post, yay, are some pictures I saw on social media captions like "Haute couture is dead" and I thought , well that˙s strange. Is it true, is this an end of great era or what?! So to ensure myself that this constatation is not right I want to bring haute couture in life on my blog, talking about it and enjoy in divine bliss of visual beauty featured in couture design!

I know that haute couture is not in " ready-to-wear" scene so it is only available to look and nothing else (except if you are multi-millionaire so you can buy one, or two or hundred of these items, or be a Hollywood star and be part of "rent-a-dress" pack). But that´s ok. Why is haute couture important in fashion in general?! Because it pushes the boundries of creativity, of imaginative visions, of ludacrisly playful realizations! And because of that couture is not dead! It breaths in fairy tail alike sketches, in fine art embroideries and divine mind of couture designers! Bow down to them because they are prove that imagine can be real, that etheric dream can come true and that all of this esthetic dream can be wearable!

I would like to hear your thoughts about haute couture! Do you think that haute couture era of great designers like McQueen, Valentino, Dior etc., is over or do we still have something to admire and to looking forward when "creme de la creme" of whole fashion weeks hits the runways in capital of high fashion, gorgeous and great Pareeee (Paris)!

 Thank you for your attention!


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