Hi, fashion people! I have always been following the trends and news updates in fashion, especiallay in haute couture scene! So when I got a glimpse at Elie Saab´s work, when the whole fashion world found out about these fashion magician from Lebanon I fell in love in his work! What struck me the most about his work is very etheric toch in all of his creations, luxurious fabriques and very feminine forms!

Every time I think about couture which is like fairy tail alike I think about his work! I will tell you a little secret! My all time dream is to be able to wear one of his creations ( I know it´s a silly mantra, but heyyy a girl can dream :)..I love how his tayloring is so sophisticated and untill the smallest detail is featured by a touch of his roots and tradition of the culture he is coming from. When I watch his runway shows I am thrilled that someone with his vision has altered European fashion mainstream.

To me Elie Saab´s work is epiphany of classy couture which can make very woman tremendeously beautiful and to me that is the most fascinating thing of his work. He is "you can never go wrong" choice for every red carpet show-stopper effect, because that is a fact. But the most important thing is that he always offers something new, a different kind of glamour, softly pushing the well known boundaries od couture.

I think that his legacy is even more bigger because he made a way to the other amazing designers which cherish similar couture style, but are very unique in their own way, like Zuhair Murad, Georges Hobeika, George Chakra... Lebanese aesthethic´s roots are that paralele which is common for all of them. So happy that we can enjoy in their shows which transport us in a different, "Thousand One Nights" kind of vibe, very magic and gorgeously packed with luxury focused at sweet odesk to amazing world of fashion, of haute couture!

What do you think about Elie Saab´s fashion? Do you like it or are you a fan of a more edgy and by experiments´ enriched couture?

Thank you for your attention!


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