In the peak of the #MeToo movement, the new empowerment of women has collided and "interrupted" the fashion world, too. Fashion has always been the open medium for all the revolutions, emancipations and society reflexions that have become the part of the fashion corpus. Seems that the people in Valentino have embraced the main targets of this new society clime which stands out for the power of the women.

In Fall 2018 Ready to Wear collection Pierpaolo Piccioli has undertoned the new aesthetic that is far from the traditional classic Valentino woman. He has served us the pure romantic brought in the modern, edgy and sassy kind of way. The current and contemporary Valentino woman is self-conscious and knows her worth, but it is also a deep dreamer and melancholic type which is today in the social media frenzy something so rare and something worth to cherish.

The new romantic was presented in the flowy and fluent silhouettes. They were not brought only in the bomber-balloon-y form in general, but in the overall details too. The petals alike cuts have softened the total picture and have given it the pure lightness which was not in the sheer kind of way. No, this Valentino woman is hidden under the gentle falling textures and fabrics and she still looks dazzling and on the stylistically point perfectly.

The cape alike form was the inspiration. The cape which is a warm piece of clothes with the vintage, "The Three Musketeers" kind of vibe. This heroic and masculine moment was softened with the gentle colors like the dark rose, minty green, with the vivid big floral prints, and of course not to forget in the typically Valentino red. On the opposite side, the monochromatic black ensembles were almost mystically beautiful. The length was the imperative in the total sense. So even the collars were deep, long captivating the hidden beauty of a woman.

This collection has presented the modern woman which is sensible and romantic. She is refined and introverted in herself in the positive style mannerism which is tip-toeing between the Haute Couture drama and everyday life. Exactly this kind of picture Pierpaolo Piccioli has embodied and kept in this collection. And we simply love it!

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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