The vision of a woman by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen has always something to talk about. This perspective is more than just a pure fashion and although it is less progressive than some others fashion houses in proclaiming the strength and the women power, it is still a silent breeder of everything want the today woman is all about. From the fragile and gentle art to the sassy and independent one. All of that the design of Sarah Burton speaks interluding the nature in all of that, and by that the nature of The Woman, as well as the nature made of flora and fauna.

The latest Fall 2018 Ready To Wear collection was everything all of that and even more. Seems that stylistically observing Sarah Burton has captioned a new much edgier look which nostalgically correspondents in the hints, of course, at the famous Savage Beauty by Lee McQueen. The corset alike belts made of the shiny leather have kept the light S-M aura. Accentuating one of the so many beautiful features a woman has, the waist, this moment was really eye-catching and fresh in the Sarah Burton´s aesthetic.

The sleek silhouette which was already set as an imperative has been accentuated even more with the sharp lines on the dresses in the combination with the sculpted tops. The textures were sheer and gentle, so the collision of the more bulky ones like the leather belts and the light materials of the dresses has undertoned even more the heterogenic nature of the woman. The pure visual climax was in the form of easy wearable gowns with the interesting features like the fringes, printed butterflies, and bow-y details on the sleeves and ruffles. Oh, speaking about the ruffles, they were the incorporated beautifully in the coats alluring the uber-dimensionally romantic aura.

This collection has shown how amazing the woman nature can be. The complex, easy, simple, different, deep, edgy, sharp, genuine, light...All of that was presented gorgeously in this collection. And although the fashion seems always to be about the clothes and style, this collection has reminded us that the fashion is much more. It detects the hidden spars of our society. And, yes, here the Women´s Worth was in this case shown at its best!

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo


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