Sleek and polished with the hints of the pure casual glam. With these words, the latest Fall 2018 collection by Louis Vuitton could be described. The classic chic interrupted with the sport casual mannerism was definitely the main motto of Nicholas Ghesquiere. With the current loungewear influences which are interpolating the current fashion inspiration, this collection has offered the both of those worlds, the class and casual.

The nice tailored coats with the sleek pencil skirts, the jumper alike dresses with the light opulence in the volume were the highlights of this collection. The textures were on the mainly autumnal knitwear sphere but interluded with the silky details or even eye-catching and statement piece accessories like the brooches pinned on the sweaters which have given them the sparkly and elegant aura.

The classic peak was held on the part with the sleek trousers which were standing out in the all over presented boy-pants. This refined silhouette was there to keep the high glam on but brought in the sense of the everyday attire. The evening wear section was boosted with the high shine embellished dresses and the pants too. The light and easy going silhouette have kept the first innovative style idea and developed into gear for the night out.

Easy and classy with the bold accents in the details to boost the refined glamour and to bring the exclusive touch into the everyday clothes. Simply elegant and beautiful!

What do you think about this collection? Which ensemble do you like more?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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