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When we talk about the work of Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel we need to say that he always surprises with the new and innovative design ideas. His style visions are clear and direct, often presented in the fully dramatic boosted runway walk which becomes more like the theatrical stage which tells the story of its self. The megalomanic and fully dramatically featured runway is something that has become the iconic and the inevitable part of the collection.

For Fall 2018 Ready To Wear collection the runway was staged like the hidden wood, with the leaves all over the floor. This was the significance of the totally deep autumnal collection with the warm and earthy tones and shades, something which has been far from the usual pastel coloristic range which is so typical for Chanel. This time the accent was on the more monochromatic shades which the central scene was in the blacks, greys or brown.

If one thing we can sum up for this year´s Paris Fashion Week is that it was far more introspective, calm and gentle. Seems like the wings of the #MeToo movement have (un)consciously left the trace in the Karl Lagerfeld´s creative mind too, because of this aesthetic of Chanel which was serious, deep but romantic and feminine at the same time. Lagerfeld has made the vision of the wood fairies which were all bundled in the cozy knitwear, perfectly dolled up accentuating the pure beauty of a woman!

The long coats were something new in the Chanel range which has been usually boosted with the tweedy jackets and mini-coats. Although they were presented in this collection too in the typical Gabrielle Chanel mannerism, the modern and the much deeper approach was sensed in the interesting cascade alike ruffly sleeves, voluminous shoulders, baggy nylon shiny pants where the 80-s spirit could be noticed. The full mystically glam was in the form of the long black dresses made of chiffon or silk which was undertoned with the long gloves in the more vivid colors like brick red, electric blue or dirty pink and with the refined makeup in earthy orange tones and the hair pulled up in the messy buns.

This collection has shown how Karl Lagerfeld is still ingenious and sparkly when the word is about the design for Chanel. The fashion that is integrated with the traditional details brought and re-invented in the something new and exciting, and a little contemplating. All of that was so beautifully managed and brought up, that we are curious what Chanel will do next!

What do you think about this collection? Do you like this more contemplating aesthetic of Chanel or do you fancy more the typical Chanel in pop-pastel colors? Which ensemble do you like the most?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo


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