Mary Katrantzou is famous for her vibrant and playful design. With boldness not just in the coloristic but in the texture way, this Greek fashion designer always offers the perfect collection which is exciting in every possible way. Talking about Mary Katrantzou´s Greek roots, the latest Spring/Summer 2017 Ready To Wear Collection was like the hymn to her ancient Grecian history, for sure.

The ultra-archaic details and symbols could be seen on the dresses which were boosted with modern, a kaleidoscope alike prints.The vibrant and vivid colors only accentuated the oxymoronic alike, but still fashionable and alluring, connections between the ancient Greece and today´s modern world. This collection was more than the just fashion statement. It was like a homage to Mary Katrantzou´s home country.

But, what was more than stunning was the glamor effect of this collection. Very sleek and elegant silhouette with accentuated waist, an adorable form of the cocktail dresses which were, even more, dazzling with the already mentioned synergy of modern vibrant textures and traditional Greek motifs like the Peace Dove or details inspired and taken from the amphoras. This collection has reminded us of the roots of the modern West Civilization but in gorgeous and fashion wise perfect way! And we need to thank Mary Katrantzou for that!

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Georgia! xo

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