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Silky ways to the fullest! With these sentence the latest Marchesa ready to wear collection for autumn/winter 2017 could be described. With gentle colors´ infuse the story of modern and elegant woman was so perfectly displayed with impecable textures and the most finest embroideries detailing. If we add to it silky interludes we have glamorous and amazing collection much appealling to be weared even on the red carpets. One thing you could notice, if you have been a regular visitor of my blog was that the fashion houses which usually make haute couture collections too infuse the couture spirit in their ready to wear collections. This was the case with this show too.

What was very noticable were defenitely the silky moments featured on the enesmbles. The big silky bows on the mini dresses tied and wrapped around the chests gave very alluring and witty touch to high elegant pieces. Combined with big wavy ruffle on the down part of the mini dresses made the perfect moving detail to it. The bow moment could be seen on the long glamorous all silk dresses as well as the sleek gowns with tiny ruffled details. The silky highlight has made the major of the textures in this collection which was really a new design gesture in Marchesa´s style! Of course the trademark of this house of fashion, long chiffon dresses very sugar cooton alike could be seen too in this collection.

The chiffon dresses were in elegant silhouette displayed, with more stiffer upper part and down part in soft crinoline kind of way. The accentuated waist made this whole story even more feminine. This detail was among the silky texture the constant detail in almost every ensemble. Tiny sleek ribbons were enough for giving the romantic boost to already woman´s appealling collection! Oh, lets not forget long sleek, charleston alike dresses in gentle dirty green. With embroidered surface and see through game it gave the impression of fauna queens lost in "Concrete Jungle". These etherical ensembles were the pure festivity of feminine nature.

One thing that was constantly noticeable these last season, not just in ready to wear runway shows or editorials as well as in the haute couture scene was a very natural make up! This trend of "no makeup" makeup was really something refreshing especially on the high fashion runways. It toned down the (high) maintance of the whole story giving it more modern, contemporary vibe. This collection was in the same range! Very natural makeup, with only juicy glossy lips could be seen on the models´ faces. If you add the messy side parted bun, you have got he effortless and refined glam look!

I have named this post Woman´s Secret because I trully believe that this collection was all of that! It was very elegant, sensual in refined way, soft and gentle in silhouettes and colors. Everything was so etherical, non-constant in beautiful fashion way! It was woman´s nature brought up in form of fashion! Astonishing, promising, confident, delicate, sensitive, romantic...The list is endless just like woman´s beauty is!

Do you find this collection very romantic? Which piece would you like to wear?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo


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