Because we are in that time of the year, pre-Christmas time so it is normal of course to dedicate this post to Christmas inspired haute couture. Lets spice up this wonderful time of the year with beautiful high fashion ensembles, that warm our fashionistas´ hearts! Just to say few words about what kind of couture could be considered Christmas approved!

It is festive, it is bold, it is like the icing on the cake. Colors are red because it is perfect glam color, white with reminiscence on snowflakes, gold because it is inevitable when talking about festive ensembles. Or with more visual gentle side like blue, aubergine, violet or purple. As you see the color range is wide as well as the silhouettes and forms.

Ruffles all the way or just on the different parts like waist or on the back are  perfect ornaments which remind of wrapped present. Or clean and sleek silhouettes with hint of syrene form. This is most common form of festive couture. Or voluminous gowns with princess alike down part, with lots of silky or chiffon layers. Not to mention glitterish appliques because on Christmas you can never have enough of illuminosity.

There are no rules when talking about Christmas themed couture. Just to be outstanding, brilliant and adorable! Just like this time of the year is! So my dear friends, enjoy in it! Be happy! Oh, and a very merry Christmas! Ho, ho, ho!

What is you perfect celebration ensemble?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo


  1. These dresses look so amazing, maybe one Christmas I'll be wearing a couture gown.


    1. I know, right! My dream is to wear a couture gown once in my life! Thank you so much for your comment!