Hello my dear fashion people! Playful, quirky and seductive! Those words are perfect to describe fashion made by the most coolest and sweet at the same time designer ever! The word is about Betsey Johnson! And all of these superlatives are not only because she is following me on Twitter (you can find me @fashbliss and check it out); she is the most funniest person ever and all of that spiritual optimism she brings into her fashion.

I like her runway shows. They are very rare occasions to see models smiling and just having a good time. I love about her fashion how she knows excactly for what kind type of woman she designes; a sassy, sexy, flirty and self-counscious. More pluses and pros to go and get one of her fashion pieces, well I can not imagine.

She likes colorful and glittery forms, very feminine and sexy, just enough to boost up woman´s confidence. She doesn´t affraid to experiment with textures and animal prints giving that perfect galamazon woman. Tons of chiffon incoroprated in short and playful Lolita skirts give her fashion a girly and youthful touch. To me Betsey Johnson´s fashion and design are epiphany of her own personality; positive and brave, and "Man, so happy to be a woman" kind of vibe!

What do you think about Betsey Johnson´s fashion? Do you like it?

Thank you for your attention!

Georgia! xo


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