Hello my gorgeous fashionistas! Hope you are doing well and that you are enjoying Spring all the way! In today´s post I have decided to say few words about Marc Jacobs fashion. He is well appreciated designer among many celebrities ( like Beyonce, or Lady Gaga who was one of the runway models at his last show). I guess the reason for that is his provocative vibe by which he is famous for, great visual innovations and amazing sense for trending styles in fashion industry.

He likes creating for woman which is brave in her femininity, sexy but playful. He isn´t classic haute couture designer, he is much more known at the pret-a-porter scene. And very influential in that field, introducing some very "couture" moment in his fashion, like making the bunnies´ ears as a common accessorize, or ultra-mega big platforms which he brought at last year´s show.

When designer is secure in his work, people believe in his art of expression and I think that this fasct is main reason why Marc Jacobs never can get wrong in anything he does. If you like to stand out as a proud fashionista, wearing and enjoying channeling edgy outfits then Marc Jacobs is perfect for you. Nothing traditional, very "en vogue" but still ready to be seen on the streets or red carpets. Fashion is fun and that fact you can see in Marc Jacobs work and in his sense of fashion.

What do you think about Marc Jacobs fashion? Do you own one of his items and what do you think about his work in general?

Thank you for your attention!

Georgia! xo

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