Hello my dear fashonistas! After some little digressions from  haute couture today I decided to talk about haute couture master made in Japan. The word is about Johji Yamamoto. He is designer who is well known to go against all expectations giving the west culture a very opulent vibe from far east, his native japanese culture.

He creates the most voluminous pieces you can imagine, giving the ultimate destruction of geishas´ ensembles creating them in his most common color, black. His creations are very avant-gard, giving the impressions of anti-aesthetic touch and very dark vibe.

In all of that dramatic expression he stays very clean and mono-chromatic, with very define and strongly accentuated structures which makes him even more decadent and theatrical. If you ever want to wear haute couture and incorporate it in your every day life, giving it a casual note, you should defenitely go for Yamamoto creations. His dresses which looks like ultra-big voluminous coats will give you an attention and  style drama on the go.

What do you think about Yamamoto fashion? Do you like it or do you prefer different kind of haute couture?

Thank you for your attention!

Georgia! xo

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