Hello my gorgeous fashion people! Hope you are doing ok and that you are enjoying Spring all the way! Today here is cold and rainy day so what a better way to make a rainy day go away than introducing a new haute couture name to all of you. Well at least to me is very new, and the word is about lebanese haute couture designer Nicolas Jebran.

I found about him when I was reading some fashion magazine and ran on the article about Madonna´s tour that she was on a few months ago, that one of designers for her tour was Nicolas Jebran. As soon as I read "lebanese designer" I knew that I am gonna fall in love so deep in his work, because no one of lebanese designers has ever fail to do that.

I was immediatelly struck by haute couture glamour and chic, oh and not forget sexyappeal, too! Every of those aspects are so amazingly involved in his design and visual interpretations. He has a very wide spectrum of silhouettes; from sleek and tight, to very well structured in geometricly perfect way, to very airy and soft forms featured by romantic fringes and tons of most luxurious chiffon!

What I loved so much, and I can feel that in his design, is his fearless approach to woman´s body creating the most stunning gowns you can imagine. One of them was defenitely the famous braided gown which Jennifer Lopez (my ultimate style icon) wore when she was hosting last year´s AMA´s. That dress was so gorgeously decadent, sexyness was bursting all over but in elegant and feminine way. So when I found out that Nicolas Jebran was creator of that couture miracle, I was blown away!

But as you will see in gallery, all of his work is so amazing! And I am so happy that I have discovered his work! Haute couture always asks from designers to be brave, not to fail in their visions and imaginative vibes. Nicolas Jebran defenitely has great visions and doesn´t affraid to stand out beside his work. More of young and talented designer we can´t ask for!

What do you think and feel about Nicolad Jebran haute couture? Have you heard of him and do you like his design?

Thank you for your attention!

Georgia! xo

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