For those who follow fashion know that name Mugler stands for bold and conciouss feminine approach to design. The vision of Mugler woman is not romantic by any case. Uncontrary it is fierless and brave. In the same design mode it was the Autumn/Winter 2017 Ready to Wear Collection. The more toned down colors, lots of black, white and yellow wth clean cuts and textures showed how Mugler saw a  woman of today.

The trademark of Mugler style, wide sharp shoulders and very sexy accentueted silhouette were the main design leading points. This famous "muglerism" got a modern and more contemporary  interpretation in shape of interesting asimetrical cuts and with shiny textures featured materials. All of that gave another for Mugler very "old school" design note and that was the space kind of beauty, almost alien alike but in more refined and chic way.

This collection has showed how new and fresh design is made by the foundations of traditional strives. It had the very Mugler whisps but in new and innovative way. Maybe in more loosed up and on the safe side of creative way but still very glamorous and stylisticly on point!

Do you like this collection?

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Georgia! xo

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