Friday, 21 April 2017


There is something intriguing and fascinating by italian luxury fashion brands. They are always on the peak of style perfection and chic note nourishing the seductive accents in bold but refined way. The Bottega Veneta design is not any exception. In their latest Autumn/Winter 2017 Ready-to-wear Collection they showed the variety of feminine luxury wear with high recognizable accents in the form of coloristic coats and mono-chromatic, as well as mono-textured, ensembles.

The stars of the collection were defenitely midi coats in vibrant colors such as yellow and mustardy orange that have developed into the all long furred story with accents on the waists in the shape of wide belts. The waist line was kept on the main silhouette focus through the whole collection. The sleek pencil dresses as well as skirts in combination with waisted accentuated jackets, all of that was the main design motto of this line.

Talking about the dresses, they were very glamorous, a version of high luxurious evening wear. With tons of shiny appliques and in the shape of lond maxi dresses but with tiny and sleek form, it gave the ultimate luxurious touch to this whole collection. Once again Bottega Veneta has brought to us a new vision of female style, with classic strong accents but with playful and witty approach to it. The perfect way to win fashion fans´ hearts!

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