Thursday, 6 April 2017


Always on trending peak and on point. By these words the fashion by Sonia Rykiel could be described. For decades this fashion house is an epitome for light experimental approach towards fashion made for stylisticly confident consumers. The same creative strides could be seen in the latest Autumn/Winter 2017 Ready to Wear Collection. Lots of airy and cozy elements combined with ultra feminine features and you have got the "je ne suis quoi" chic on fleek.

Simple trench coat boosted with hints of romantic twist in shape of big ruffles falling loosely, or more "cleaner" version of the same with accentuated stiches and matte metal buttons. These matte buttons could be seen on the more casual sweaters and knitts. Featured with gro embroidery details it embodied the loose elegance factor too. The coats were in presented in light camel color or mustard green with shiny pvc alike textures alluring at perfect fashionable rain coat.

Talking about the knitts, they were presented in vibrant colors and in prints clashes too. The prints were all over the jumpsuits making the perfect colors mimicry. The final of the show were the dresses in very opposite style than the rest of the collection; very feminine and elegant with huge seductive note in sense not just form but textures too and by that I mean silk, embellished textures with furry details.

This collection was a very desirable to any fashion lover and fan. It showed that being chic and elegant doesn´t mean stiff and strong accentuated silhouettes. With more loose approach to it it can reach fresh and innovative style point of view. And that is what we all ask from fashion, right!

Do you like this collection?

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 Georgia! xo

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