If you havent´t heared about Leonard it is a fashion house situated in Paris with accentuated design in bridal looks. But this year this fashion house with the artistic director VĂ©ronique Leroy on the head has presented very delightful and with dazzling prints rich collection. Very gentle and soft silhouettes with the combination of bold prints caleidoscope was a really eye catcher for any fashion fan or fashionista.

The furry details on the silky alike jumpsuits or "pyjamas" with very vibrant spectrtum of colors, all monochrome mini prints on the materials of trench coats, the color clashings on the dresses and blouses on the top as well as the winter coats, in house of Leonard don´t know about dull outfits. They don´t affraid to experiment with colors and textures as well showed as the already mentioned prints. All of that has presented amazing and elegant style with outstanding features and ensembles to be remembered.

Do you like this collection?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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