If anyone has the constant love for all black ensembles than that is probably Yohji Yamamoto. No other designer nourishes the love for this (no)color and shares his aesthetic in this particular coloristic resolution. In the same style range was Autumn/Winter 2017 Ready to Wear Collection. In all black ensembles it showed once again Yohji Yamamoto´s endless inspiration and huge design original solutions.

When designer chooses to make and create clothes in all black there is something very mystical and with hidden theatrical embelished visual sensation. Just and because he deals with black, the clothing pieces need to be more bold and fierless in design, on the more avant garde and experimental spectrum of design. This all is the common thing when we talk abot Yamamoto aesthetic.

The ruffled silhouette which accentuated the voluminous and well structured forms with very couture potential. But the wearable and ready to wear whisps could be sent in the choice of material which was very light and ordinary. Yamamoto practices clean and minimalistic style and that was on point in this collection too making only playful the ruffled game.

This collection showed how majestic and perfect can all black ensembles be. It gave the deep and romantic side of style for those who love uncommon and original pieces, who like to be noticed by the amazing tayloring and outfit that tells the sory. And all of that the Yamamoto style is!

Do you like this collection?

Thank you for the attention!

Georgia! xo

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